Thursday, February 28, 2008

oh ladies

So, last nights show of American Idol was a little boring and disappointing! I hope some of these ladies kick it up a notch. Who is going home tonight?

She has got a crazy cool voice...but, I don't think America is ready for her freakiness. And I agree with Paula...tone down the make-up and hair and she is beautiful!

A little too blah...she is just too forgetable.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


now, why america didn't agree with me last week...we will never know. i just hope to see that everyone came to their senses on thursday. these two boys have got to go.

our wes bug

little wes has changed so much in the last few weeks. here is a list of his new accomplishments. he will be 10 months on march 5th.

-he now sports four teeth
-waves bye-bye
-plays peek-a-boo
-says "peek-a-boo"

he is one busy guy!


i love these little spaghetti faces...mixed with a little snot.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brian turns 3 today!

Owen's cousin, Brian, turns 3 today! Happy Birthday Brian! Owen loved seeing you over Christmas and can't wait to play with you again soon. Hope you get some fun toys on your big day!
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna!

My adorable niece, Anna, turns 6 today! She is such a spunky little thing! We all love her to pieces...especially the little babies whom she can't help but just shower with hugs, kisses, and attention when ever she is near them.

Hope you have a spectacular day Anna!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol-Ladies

Well, I couldn't make my prediction for the guys and leave out the ladies! Last nights show was good, but not as enjoyable as Tuesday night. If I had to predict now on who would be the last three standing than this is my guess.

She's young. She's consistent. And I think she could sing just about anything and make it her own.
I love her raspy voice and cute personality! She knows how to have fun on stage and I think that will get her far.
She can wail! And she is super adorable!
As for who is going home this week...I am afraid Amy and Joanne are the losers. They are both beautiful but I don't think they can compete with the rest of the talent.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol

I am with my sister-in-law, Elena! I love this show! And I am taking her "tag" and running with it. So, after watching the guys perform last week here are my votes for the top three.

Adorable, great voice, fun to watch! How can you not love this little guy?!

Love this rocker! He's so original. A perfect blend of Chris Daughtry and Blake Lewis.

Um...he is hot! Um...his accent! And he knows how to work the stage.

I am also adding my vote for the two guys that are SO going home this week! I think they both could have potential...if someone else picked their songs for them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Annual Manwaring Snowmobile Trip

We all survived our Annual Manwaring Snowmobile Trip! Well, that is with the exception of one of the cabins we were staying in.

Becky, Kevin, Owen (Wesley preferred staying inside)

Every year for our trip we stay at The Pines Resort in Island Park. These little cabins are so cozy and convenient. They are in the perfect location in Island Park (near lots of trails and a huge meadow that we love to snowmobile in). We usually rent three cabins to house all 36 of us and go back and forth between cabins. It's a great set-up. But, as you can see in the pictures, the snow pack on the roofs were unbelievable and one of the patio awnings just couldn't take any more and it completely buckled during our first night there. It's a miracle no one was hurt! The cabin occupants ended up moving into a different cabin and we all enjoyed the remainder of our trip...making sure not to enter through the front doors or walk under the awnings.



Owen had so much fun being with his cousins. Look at all of these adorable frozen faces!

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AMST part II

Even though we had some great sleds and the powder outside was amazing we still spent many hours inside our cozy cabins. Monday night my parents held a Family Home Evening for everyone based on the talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks titled Good, Better, Best. Another thing we all look forward to and cherish about this trip...receiving counsel from our parents.

Wesley's favorite part about FHE..eating the sheet music.

Tuesday was full of fun games and activities during the day, featuring BINGO. Owen was the first to get BINGO and win a prize...he choose a little packet to make a bracelet with his name on it. Right up his alley!

Wednesday night we all exchanged Valentines. We love Valentines! I wanted to take a picture of all of the adorable Valentines we received but I haven't gotten to that yet. I will add them later. We all try to be pretty creative with our Valentines and this year Amber (Justin's wife) and I made the EXACT same Valentine. What are the chances? But, she also made an adorable card for everyone so I was glad I handed mine out first. (;

Personalized sugar cookies made by my Mom.

Wesley was such a good sport during this trip and was sure to take long naps while we went and played in the snow. Thanks for watching him Dad!

Wesley-they don't get any cuter than him!
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The fun we could have outside was endless. Owen preferred eating snow, digging holes, burying things, and eating more snow!

Owen also loved riding on the sleds with his Mom and Dad. He loved to watch the speedometer and count as the speed increased. What a clown!

I had a lot of fun pulling all the neices and nephews around on tubes. In this picture I have two little boys on the machine with me and six on the tubes behind me. We never went above 12 MPH but they all loved it!

Owen, Ogden, and Becky

Becky pulling the kids around. Isn't the scenery amazing. This meadow is right by a little lake and the swans and ducks loved to watch us.
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AMST part IV

Now, being pulled on tubes behind Benjamin or Chris was a completely different story. They reached speeds of 40 MPH. In most cases you couldn't even see the tube behind the sled...just powder. But, VERY FUN!

Pure fear! I love this picture of the girls anticipating their wild ride as Benjamin ensures the rope is tight!

Emily, Melissa, Kaylin, Natalie

As usual Dad took everyone (in shifts) on trails where you could see wild life and beautiful landscapes. It's always nice to get a "real" trail ride in while we are on this trip.

Then, every night it's off to the hot tubs to enjoy a good soak. And of course I am not going to put a picture of myself in a bathing suit on my blog, so, here is Owen and Ogden (and Justin in the backgroud fixing his hair)!

Thanks for another fun trip everyone! We are already looking forward to next year.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Packing Up

Wesley "helping" us pack yesterday.

And...we're are off! Today we head to Island Park for a three night stay. Four days full of eating, hot tubs, snowmobiling, games, relaxing, and more eating. This is by far one of my favorite family traditions. There will be 36 Manwarings under "one" roof (actually three roofs, but I am sure we will all be under the same roof for a good portion of it) which is a recipe for pure chaos. But, we love it!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Take the Hinckley Challenge

Read the Book of Mormon in 97 days to honor President Gordon B. Hinckley.

click here

Where is Owen?

This is what we woke up to this morning. Yes, there is a child tucked underneath our bed with only his head in plain vision. This is Owen's favorite sleeping cubby...Kevin's little walkway from his side of the bed. If Owen ever wakes up in the middle of the night (this usually happens once or twice during the week) he will drag his blankets into our room and make a nice little bed. We don't mind, since he really isn't in our bed with us.

At about 1am this morning Owen comes running into our room screaming, "Wesley is in trouble!" Wesley had been crying for about 5 minutes and I guess this alarmed Owen. Even though this disturbed our slumber, Kevin and I both had to laugh.

Owen's favorite morning routine. Enjoying a bowl of "Fruity Kebbles" while he "reads" the cartoons on the back of the box. Please tell me he is not the only 2-year old that insists on looking at the cereal box while he eats.

My favorite thing about lunch time! When Kevin comes home to entertain the boys for 45 minutes. They love their Dad!
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What did you do for fun Saturday night?

Here is our Saturday night in a nutshell. On a good night Owen and Wesley will play "together", and Saturday night they chose to crawl around the living room with their socks in their mouths. Great entertainment!

After we put them to bed at 9pm we started a movie we got bought on Pay-Per-View the night before, The Invasion with Nicole Kidman. After about 10 minutes of this I opted for bed...I don't do "scary"... at night ... right before bed. So, Kevin watched it alone.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!
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