Thursday, March 17, 2011

snowmobile trip

madalyn and her cousin izzie after church

sunday morning was exciting. not only did we lose an hour of sleep but we had to get 40 people to church at 9am. natalie had breakfast waiting for us and was smart to prepare something easy. individual boxes of cereal, fruit, toast, and any beverage of your or cold. it was perfect.

we actually made it to church in island park with minutes to spare. impressive. after church we headed back to the cabin, cleaned everything, loaded everything, and then enjoyed a the best lasagna ever made courtesy of my mom.

it was a fantastic trip! so thankful for my family!

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snowmobile trip


collin and spencer.

these little baby boys are so handsome. loved having someone smaller around.

kevin drug owen out for a little ride saturday night. owen enjoyed it so i'm glad kevin took him out.

owen and kevin


saturday night the adults were able to have a nice visit with my parents. our annual family meeting. it's always nice to hear what is on everyone's minds. and i love that my parent's take the opportunity to remind us what this life is all about through their words and actions.
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more sledding

wesley, brandon, collin, and emily

i love this picture of cheesy collin and his adoring mother.

wesley, loving life.

natalie. LOL. i'm telling you, you could fly down this little hill pretty fast.
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snowmobile trip

saturday was so sunny and warm. it was a great day for sledding.


a stacked machine. on their way back up. eli, wesley, kaylin, and ben.

me and natalie

me and kev
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quilt for mia

amber was up there 6 weeks shy of having baby #5. they are expecting a little girl to be named amelia (mia for short), so we tied little mia an adorable quilt.

emily and melissa working hard...with mom dictating in the back. (;

elena teaching alyssa how to tie a quilt.


ellie putting in her hard work for her little sister.
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snowmobile trip

saturday morining ben and kaylin made us the most delicous breakfast burritos i have had in a long time.

saturday afternoon emily made us homemade chili.

saturday night jarom and elena treated us to another round of french dip sandwiches (they never get old).

while owen spent most of the trip inside playing wii with a few cousins wesley was living outside. he loved going on snowmobile rides with kevin and REALLY enjoyed the hill outside cabin. kevin would drive him up it, wesley would FLY down it, and then kevin would drive him back up. sledding doesn't get any better than that.

wesley flying down the hill. he really did go super fast down it. and was always laughing and smiling at the bottom.

the kids playing in the snow.

kevin and napping wesley

madalyn enjoying her orange and the company.
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snowmobile trip

all the crazy cousins playing outside.


melissa and nat


friday night katie and chris fed us chicken enchiladas with corn. it was super yummy! we always get spoiled while we are on this trip.

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snowmobile trip

friday afternoon melissa and blake fed us home made macaroni and cheese with mixed veggies. it HIT the spot and was so delicious!

we played a lot of games while listening to the byu basketball game.

dad kicking back.

madalyn getting ready to go outside.

natalie and amber playing 25 words or less (i think that is what it's called).

kaylin and emily playing games.
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girls ride

friday morning kevin and i fed everyone pancakes, eggs, and sausage for breakfast. then we all did a lot of relaxing and playing on the snowmobiles.

later that afternoon my dad took the girls (katie, elena, me, melissa, emily, natalie, and alex) on a wild ride. he took us up a hill by henry's lake and then back down a different way. it was the steepest hill i have ever driven down. we had to just let our sleds slide down pumping the brakes. i call it "no gas hill". it was terrifying. but also pretty cool to know that i could do that.

the ladies getting ready for the ride.

our guide. dad, emily, katie, alex, and me.

on top of the hill

on the way back to the cabin we played in the trees and hit some PRETTY DEEP powder. we had to dig out the snowmobiles a few times and had to drive standing up putting all our weight on one side. natalie was a pro.

thanks for taking us out dad and teaching us the tricks! (;
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minute to win it

justin-the ding dong stacking champion

kevin trying to catch a stack of pencils.

wesley showing off the kite he made.

madalyn was REALLY enjoying the entertainment. as we ALL were.
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minute to win it

kaylin trying to get pennies out of the panty hose with one hand.

natalie stacking three golf balls. she was the only one who succeded.

mom stacking dice onto a stick held my her mouth.

dad stacking ding dongs. i love how everyone in this picture has their heads back like they are trying to do it with him. (:
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