Wednesday, February 27, 2013

saturday off

a saturday where kevin is home is VERY RARE. so when he had a day off of on saturday earlier this month we celebrated! we took the kids to a 3d showing of escape from planet earth.

they really charge an arm and a leg to see 3d but it was the only show time that worked. the movie wasn't much to talk about...BUT, we had a great time together.

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valentine's day

we were SO excited about this valentine's day because we had an extra fun project we had been working on to give the boys. and since we were doing something extra special for them we wanted to do something extra special for maddy! THUS, an extra special valentine's day. ;)

madalyn received a double stroller for her sweet baby twins, her own box of chocolates, a hello kitty tin purse, and a card.

she just LOVES this stroller.

the boys each received a new lego guy, a lego display, a box of chocolates, and spin toothbrush, and a valentine's card.

i found the idea for the lego display on pinterest and my friends helped me bring it to life. it was so fun and the boys LOVE having a place to keep their special lego guys.

owen's display

wesley was quite a bit more "creative" in they way he displayed his guys. a little creepy, but he is proud of it. lol!


happy valentine's day! 
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madalyn and gibson

i couldn't resist documenting this cute little lunch outing with gibson and madalyn. these two are just bosom buddies and get along so well. i hope they will always be friends.

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gosh, we made some cute ones.

kevin snapped these pictures the other day while the kids were sitting all revently waiting to head to church.

madalyn with her boots on the wrong feet.

so content on their kindles.

and such sweet smiles.

gosh, we made some cute ones!  
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Saturday, February 02, 2013

snow day

monday school was cancelled due to drifiting snow. we had been dumped on the day before and it was so fun to enjoy it that day.

we were even able to fit in a quick lunch with dad.

good times. 
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a sweet little mommy

madalyn is so sweet to all of her little babies. it's not uncommon for me to have to move them off the couch so i can have a place to sit. they love to watch shows together and cuddle.

they all look very happy. i'm not sure how maddy does it with seven babies under 2. ;) 
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this handsome guy now has glasses!

owen's first grade teacher was the one who brought it to our attention last spring. he noticed owen was squinting a lot and had to stand up sometimes to read the board. so, in the fall we warned his second grade teacher and patiently waited until we were able to add him to our vision plan/insurance.

we went to the eye doctor as soon as we could in january. we tried on SEVERAL pairs of glasses and owen finally decided the pair with camoflauge on the sides would be the very best.

we waited a painful 7 days for the glasses to arrive. owen was thrilled when we were finally able to pick them up. 

so handsome!

he loves and them takes very good care of them. his teacher even mentioned to me how careful he is with them at school. she thinks it is so sweet the way he takes them off and carefully puts them in his case and desk before he leaves for recess. lol.

owen doesn't have to wear them all of the time. only when he is focusing on something like a chalkboard, tv, computer, or book. 
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sledding party

we have this horrible thing called "early release" nearly every wednesday in our school district. it's where the kids get out 1 1/2 hours earlier so the teachers can have some work time. well, this is right during what i like to call my "happy hour" where maddy naps and i day dream. so, this doesn't happen on wednesdays anymore.

in january my friend brenda and i decided to try to make this particular wednesday exciting. we put together a SURPRISE sledding party. as soon as the kids got home from school we put on our snowgear, made hot cocoa, gathered up our pre-arranged friends and headed to the hill!

we took as many friends as we could fit in our two vehicles. they had a blast! we were ROCKSTARS (at least for an!

front: maddy, wes, jaden, brigham, joseph, cooper, owen, porter
back: macady, paige, and carson 

a busy hill 

maddy body surfing 
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stand in holy places

i just had to share these ADORABLE high heeled cupcakes we made for our young women's new beginnings. they turned out so great! our theme for 2013 is "stand in holy places..." and we did a shoe theme for new beginnings.


so fun! i hope the girls loved them as much as we did. :) 
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