Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas day

madalyn...taking her time.

kevin surprised me with a new camera. we needed one SO BADLY! but, i have a lot to learn with this one.

owen and wesley getting into star wars mode.

i think madalyn was a little disappointed that she didn't get any star wars guys. you can tell she has big brothers.

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christmas morning

owen was thrilled about his new lego ds game.

madalyn LOVES her new shopping cart (she throws all of her new toys in and just pushes it all over the house...thanks grandma & grandpa ward).

it took madalyn nearly all day to open her gifts. it was driving the boys crazy because they wanted to unwrap them for her. she would tear off a few pieces and then walk away from it for awhile. such a silly little thing!

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christmas morning

santa brought us exactly that kevin and i asked for...but, apparently the kids weren't quite as thrilled as we were.

madalyn enjoying the "show" from her highchair.

we gave wesley a leapster explorer. he was so excited to get it!
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thanks staci and kyle!

kevin's sister, staci, had us for christmas. since they just moved away from us we told them we would video us opening their gift. kevin was excited! he REALLY loved when they would make their famous pizza for us.

thanks guys!

christmas morning

madalyn lost interest pretty quickly on christmas morning. she was more interested in watching from her highchair while eating a bowl of cereal. but, we did get some shots of her.

kevin in his new pj's. madalyn still needs/prefers a little assistance when she opens her presents.

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THE sheet and the joy

kevin let me put "THE sheet" up again. I LOVE doing that.

when i was living at home (note: i didn't say 'when i was a little girl...because we ALWAYS did this...in fact, i believe they put the sheet up this year for my 25 & 26 year old sisters that were visiting for christmas) my parents always put the sheet up in the hallway so we couldn't escape and enjoy our gifts without them. sometimes my dad would sleep at the bottom of the sheet as a barricade and to trap us when we tried to escape. WE LOVED IT! and other times he would lay something down at the bottom of the sheet to make us think it was him sleeping there when he was actually sawing logs in his bed. it was great times! we always thought we were so sneaky when we successfully sent a sibling out and they returned to report the GOODS. anyway, i loved this tradition. so kevin is letting me keep it alive in our home.

our boys don't try to break out...yet. but, they did get an eye full before we took the sheet down (i pin it to the wall so it's not too easy to peek through).

"when are you going to let us out of here!?"

the joy after they broke out.

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santa came

we were lucky enough to snap some pictures right after santa came. i love those moments after the all the magic has arrived and being able to take it all in before the hurricane of unwrapping.

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christmas pj's

owen had his pj's unwrapped so fast that this is the first picture i could snap of him...stripping down. before anyone else even had theirs unwrapped. such a clown!

aren't the cute! thanks grandma and grandpa!

we also got them all slippers this year. i found madalyn the cutest little slippers i've ever seen. wesley's are so big he won't be needing new ones for YEARS (whoops) and owen isn't a huge fan of slippers but we couldn't very well leave him out. (;

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chrstmas eve

we didn't really have any gifts under our tree until the kids woke up on christmas eve and even then the anticipation was killing them all.day.long! it made for a fun day!

admiring the gifts with their names

we had a very relaxing day at home. kevin had the day off so we just did a whole lot of nothing. just enjoyed each other. in the evening we headed over to my grandpa freidenberger's home for the traditional christmas eve dinner (tradition). it was delicious and we had an enjoyable time there and then we headed home to open up our new pj's and hop into bed.

wesley loved his new monster pj's from grandma and grandpa manwaring

i had noticed a little pink v.s. bag in our closet the last few weeks so i knew that kev had taken care of my pj's but i didn't know what kind he picked out. and of course, he did a fantastic job! thanks babe.

madalyn loves to open new clothes so she was thrilled about her new cupcake pj's from grandma and grandpa manwaring. she immediately wrapped them around her neck and walked around to model. such a clown!
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christmas greetings!

here is our christmas card for 2010. hope your christmas was magical!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

bar stools

as of lately, this is how you will find my bar stools! why, you ask?

this little GIRL!

she will push them up to anything and climb onto of them to reach things and sit. not good. she's getting clever. but, so far, she hasn't learned how to stand them back up. phew!

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is three a crowd?

is three a crowd? not for these boys...they love having madalyn right in the middle of it all. and she loves it too!

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visit from rosanne and rafa

a couple weekends ago we lucked out and had rosanne and rafa for a couple sleepovers! the kids loved having them over. and of course we loved having them too. they don't come often enough. and when they come we always see a little more of staci and kyle...which we also love!

rafa helped the kids make paper plate masks. FUN!

and some guitar hero is ALWAYS in order when rosanne is here.

thanks for coming guys! we miss you already.
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