Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4-months old

our little madalyn turned 4-months old on monday. yesterday i took her to her 4-month appoinment and she is PERFECT! (;

she even showed off by doing a couple 6-9 month skills. (;
she is starting to roll from her stomach to her back.
she is constantly talking. she is our little noise maker.
she loves when her brothers play with her.
she almost always wakes up with a smile.
she is a little growler.
she gets excited when i put her jacket on her and put her in her car seat (can you tell we don't go out very often?!)

i took this picture a couple days ago. she LOVES to take her morning nap in our bed...taking up both pillows...and all sprawled out. such a princess!

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is there anything better...

me and madalyn napping
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Monday, November 02, 2009

trick or treat

we had a great halloween day. kevin had the ENTIRE day off work so it was wonderful to hang out and relax with each other most of the day. the boys were BEGGING to put on their costumes the second they woke up. but, we managed to hold them off until an hour before the fun began.

our trick-or-treaters: wesley (batman), kevin holding madalyn (tootsie roll), and owen (ninja turtle...leanardo. or as owen says "leo-ardo")

my boys

"sweet" madalyn

we started the night off at my home ward's trunk-or-treat. they always do such a fabulous job and the boys fill up their buckets with TONS of GOOD candy. and it is always fun to see old friends and old ward members.

then we jetted off to the trunk-or-treat for our ward. it was CRAZY and the boys were pretty tired so we didn't stay long. we had made plans to trick-or-treat at close family members homes and then get some yummy chili at my mom & dad's but the kids were pretty grouchy so we just went home.

owen and wesley loved handing candy out to our trick-or-treaters and would even run out to the drive way to give them candy because they just couldn't wait for them to make it to the door! funny boys!

oh yes, and kevin and i dressed up for a "wigs and mustache" halloween party put on by our neighbor (fabulous job terrill's!) so i will include kevin's sexy get-up. (;

happy halloween!
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pumpkin carving

we carved pumpkins on thursday night. kevin is always so great about cleaning out the guts for all of us...making them clean as a whistle!

and it's always so rewarding to see the finished product.

kevin's haunted house

wesley's flying ghost

owen's skeleton

my monster
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we're so glad when daddy comes home

we love when kevin comes home from work! he instantly becomes a gym.
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