Monday, January 26, 2009

backyard fun II

in the very south end of our yard we have a portion that isn't fenced and that is where all the extra dirt was pushed to. the dirt isn't actually on our yard, but close enough. well, it makes the PERFECT sledding hill for two little boys. be completely honest...kevin and i took a few runs down it and had a jolly time!

the boys making their way to the snow hill.

not the best pictures...but you get the idea. kevin and owen.

kevin and wesley. wesley REALLY enjoyed this!

my frozen little wes-a-bug!

afterwards, we came inside for a nice hot mug of cocoa!
what a great afternoon! it's so fun to have daddy home on a saturday like this.
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backyard fun

saturday we had the greatest snowfall yet! the snowflakes were HUGE, the snow was PERFECT packing snow, the sun was out, and the temperature was in the thirties! so we spent a good portion of the morning playing in our backyard.

owen LOVES to eat the snow.

wesley loves to be pulled around in the sled.

kevin and owen building a snowman.

my snowmen!
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

miracles and blessings

it seems like most of my thoughts and conversations the weekend have been concerning my aunt eja and her family. on thursday they (my aunt, three of her daughters...stacey, jennifer, and trisha, a granddaughter...carlee, and my grandma) were driving from idaho falls to slc with the intentions of flying out to arizona the next day for a sunny vacation. but, just after they hit utah their car met a patch of ice, spun out of control and rolled.

what could have been a MAJOR tragedy for this family turned into a miracle. most of them walked away with minor injuries, including my ninety year old grandma! most of them were hospitalized over night but have since been released. my thoughts are still with them in their recovery and pain.

my aunt eja was the unfortunate one. both her lungs were punctured, several ribs were broken, a damaged kidney, a portion of her liver was torn, and a compression fracture in her lumbar spine. she has had two surgeries and they have had her in an induced coma since. and in order to help her recover they are keeping in her in an induced coma for the next several days.

the doctors are optimistic! and we feel so blessed that she is recovering. what a miracle that she is still with us and fighting so hard. today, especially, she has been in my thought and prayers...and if you feel so inclined we could use your thoughts and prayers as well.

also, a blog has been set-up where you can read about her recovery and also make a donation to help in this long financial road ahead of her.

happy birthday keagen!

another family picture for a birthday post. happy birthday to my nephew keagen! he turns 7 today!

the murdoch clan: keagen, payson, blake, melissa holding micah, and jamis

keagen is mr. focused! it seems like he puts 100% into everything he does. he is serious about his sports! he's a great cousin and good big brother. and...he is so handsome!

happy birthday keagen! we love you and wish you lived closer!
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

to say i've let myself go would be an understatement

okay, you beggars! (; i will do an update on my blog.

it's hard to blog when i really haven't been up to too much. and i mean that in every way.

i have stopped doing my is optional...i have laundry constantly nagging me to put it away...i took a three week break from the gym (BAD IDEA)...and i have been eating whatever i want.

i know that being pregnant warrants me to some of this...but i need to kick it in gear.

on a brighter note, i have had more energy the last few days so i am hoping to get back in the swing of things before the weekend comes. we shall see! i am proud to report that right now i am dressed, my hair is done, i have makeup on, the laundry is put away, i baked cookies, cleaned the bathrooms, and yesterday i did 30 minutes of cardio. see...i told you will be back before the weekend comes.

alright, so for updates. two weeks ago all three of kevin's sisters paid us a visit. we did feel quite privileged as one of them traveled all the way from COLORADO. it was fun to spend time with them and see them together.

staci and laura enjoying some ice cream (a staple in my fridge lately)

rosanne, staci, and laura

the boys LOVE their aunts and all the love and attention they shower them with. i thought this picture was so cute of wesley bonding with aunt laura.

also, three weeks ago kevin and i purchased our first vehicle together. we both had cars before we meet and we have been making due with both of them for the past six years. but, for the last several months kevin has been keeping a close watch on and found a beautiful honda pilot in rigby, id (it's hard to find used pilots around here). we took it for a test drive and then drove it right home. and we have LOVED IT! i feel silly taking a picture of it but i found one online that looks EXACTLY like it so i will share that with you.

it's so fun to be in an SUV. owen adores it and refers to it as "the new honda pilot". he has even been begging to sleep in it, but we are trying to hold off on the request until the summer! (:
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

happy birthday elena!

my sister-in-law, elena, turns thirty-three today!

the manwaring clan

if i have a last-minute craving or a last-minute desire to do something i know that elena will always be willing to indulge me. elena's always ready to talk and is fun to talk with. she keeps a level-head and doesn't sweat the small stuff (things that i need to learn).

elena, i hope you have a great day celebrating! happy, happy birthday! we love you!
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

bringing in the new year

this year, our new year's celebration was very quiet. luckily, staci and kyle showed up or i am afraid i would have bailed off to bed at 10pm with the kids.

kevin had to work until 7pm so our celebrating didn't start until nearly 8pm. we had some pizza, played some wii, and then we rang in the new year with new york at 10pm and sent the boys off to bed.

owen watching the ball drop

"cheers" - staci and kyle

wesley-waiting patiently for approval to drink his bubbly.

after the kids were in bed we played a game, ticket to ride...thanks rosanne, and almost missed the midnight countdown! and it wasn't long after that when we all decided that our beds were SCREAMING our names! a great new year's eve.

thanks for sharing it with us staci and kyle!
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

extra special new year's eve

on new year's eve kevin and i went and had some pictures taken. not of each other, but...of our new little baby!

due july 15th...and we are just hoping it doesn't come on owen's birthday, the 13th!

another little miracle! we are SO THRILLED! happy new year!
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Monday, January 05, 2009

happy birthday fred!

happy birthday to my father-in-law, fred!

fred is self-less, kind, patient, hard working, has a strong and firm understanding of his purpose here on earth, and a deep love for his Savior and Heavenly Father. he is a great example to all of us!

staci and fred dancing on her wedding day

happy birthday fred! we hope to see you soon. we love you!
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