Saturday, June 22, 2013

newest member

here is the newest member of the manwaring family. ben and kaylin's baby isaac. i loved this picture of him falling asleep in brandon's arms. irresistible.

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cutest little shopper

this little thing LOVES to shop. isn't she cute carrying my big purse.
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a camping we will go

the first weekend in june we went camping with two of our favorite families. the allens and lowrys. we had this tripped plans for MONTHS so when the day came to go and i was super SICK and owen was throwing up we felt we had no choice but to pull it together and go. owen left much better by the time we left. but, my misery decided to hang out with us for the entire weekend. yuck! luckily, i was able to enjoy most of the experience.

kevin surprised me with a late mother's day present. lol! he gave me this fantastic zero gravity camping chair. I LOVE IT!

we spent two nights in island park at buffalo camp ground. it really was lovely. and the allens were kind enough to let me and madalyn sleep in their trailer and the boys slept in a tent outside.

the ride up.

cute campers 

hike to sheep falls 

maddy showing us all how it's done. 


our nightly entertainment. 

owen showing off the thor hammer he found. sure enough, no one could pick it up. lol. 

the drive home. we wore these little campers right out. 
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memorial day

this, is memorial day!


grandkids listening to great grandma eva tell stories about their ancestors. 
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may 23rd i woke up and had a terrible feeling the day would be less than ideal. i was exactly 12 weeks pregnant and woke to some spotting. i tried to stay calm but failed miserably. i had my 12 week checkup scheduled for the next day but called and asked if i could come a day early. they were quick to get me in.

the past four months had been the longest of my life. after my first miscarriage even the thought of getting pregnant again was terrifying. all the what if's can be overwhelming. when we learned we were pregnant we were cautiously optimistic. we didn't want to get our hopes up and then have them crushed. it was obvious that we were both on guard. this pregnancy started off on an alarming note. spotting at 6 weeks and 10 weeks. i had never had any spotting during my four other pregnancies so this was scary to me. when i checked out fine at 6 weeks i decided to try to relax a little and start to believe things would be okay.

alas, when i went in for my 12 week check-up my doctor was telling me all the things he was going to check in the exam and then cut it short and sent me straight to ultra sound. this got me pretty worried. i didn't want to experience the same thing i did over a year ago in ultrasound. but, it was almost a rerun for me. a silent ultra sound tech snapping pictures and taking measurements. then the doc walking in and staring at the screen awkwardly for what seemed like FOREVER before they filled me in that this baby no longer had a heart beat. gone at 10 weeks. i sobbed. felt like a person who had been struck by lightening, TWICE. how could this happen two times in a row. the doc told me my options and we scheduled a d&c for later that day. i tried to call kevin but wasn't able to reach him so i just walked over to his office to tell him the sad news.

i tried to pull myself together before i picked my kids up from my mom's. they didn't know i was even pregnant AND it was wesley's last day of school so i wanted to try to have a smile on my face when i sent him off for a fun day.

the d&c was scheduled for 3. i was back home by about 9pm. my family and friends all pitched in tremendously over the next two days. getting my kids where they needed to be, feeding us, and keeping us entertained.

pictures from the weekend:

thankful for what we do have.

my dad and mom took the kids on an adventure the following saturday. they had a great time. 

kev took the kids to toys r us to pick out their rewards for perfect report cards. and maddy picked up a jewelry set. earrings, a crown, and a ring. she looked like a MILLION bucks. lol. 

the next day she INSISTED on wearing her new jewelry to church. we talked her out of the crown but she wore the rest and looked adorable. 

i know it my seem silly to dedicate a post to a miscarriage. i realize many women go through this same thing every day. but, i can't bear to blog about things like perfect report cards and not mention something so painful and life changing. and, it actually helps when i put my feelings down on "paper".

an experience like this brings a lot of emotion to the surface. from gratitude to anger. but, in the end there is peace knowing that there are reasons behind everything. especially when pain and growth are involved. we walk away even more thankful for the three little ones we do have and will spend even more time making sure we do all we can to help them learn and grow and become even more fantastic.
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schools out for summer!

the boys finished about another year of school.

they both brought home PERFECT report cards. they couldn't have ranked higher in any area. this earned them both (and Maddy) and trip to their favorite store, toys r us.


they both enjoyed their teachers and are looking forward to the fall. owen will be moving onto 3rd grade, wesley will be going ALL DAY in 1st grade, and madalyn will start preschool three days a week. exciting! 
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


the museum had a carousel exhibit this spring and my mom took Natalie, madalyn, and me to go check it out before it closed.

it was fun to walk through. they also had an operation carousel that small children could ride. so, maddy took a spin on it all by herself. there were LOTS of old people admiring her while she rode and COULD NOT crack a smile from her to save their lives. she is so funny! but, she did say she had a good time. lol.

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zoo field trip

madalyn and i got to join wesley's class on their field trip to the tautphaus park zoo. this zoo is great because it is pretty small and very shaded.

we had a lovely time.

everyone has to have a picture on the lion. 

wesley enjoyed watching the lazy tiger the most. 

wesley and some class mates.

it was a pretty nice day so we splurged and got madalyn and wes an ice cream cone at the zoo.

a great way to cool off! 
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let's play music recital clips

Here are a few clips from the boys' recital.

let's play music

the boys wrapped up their let's play music class the first part of may.

wesley completed his first year and owen completed his second year.

wesley mostly worked on bells (xylophone) and owen has been working on the keyboard. i love that they are learning about sight reading, note recognition, pitch, intervals, and rhythm.

their teacher held a "recital" and they were able to show parents and grandparents what they have been learning.

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wesley's 6th birthday bash

wesley celebrated his 6th birthday! he actually got two days to party since his birthday landed on sunday.

saturday morning we gave wesley his new birthday clothes and golf clubs so he could be ready for the FUN ahead of him.

first, it was off to iJump for his friends birthday party. these boys had a great time.


then, they went golfing with dad and grandpa manwaring. luckily, the rain let up JUST as they got to the course. we were a little worried they would be rained out. 

sunday morning wes woke up to presents and a yummy birthday breakfast made by dad. 

wesley had an army theme for his birthday and wanted a tank cake. we had grandma and grandpa manwaring and emily and collin over for dinner and cake.

i am pretty sure he had a great weekend. birthdays are always so fun. 
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