Monday, July 25, 2011

thar be a party!


kev and the birthday boy

after they had their fill of the water slide we presented owen and his friends with their first clue to a treasure hunt.


we lead them on a wild goose hunt through-out the house



and then outside



good thing we had a seven year old there who could read pirate talk. (;



finally, they found some keys and the map to where the treasure was buried. I left the burying up to kevin and with our backyard not being totally finished yet he buried it REALLY GOOD! my camera died so I will have to add the digging pictures later.


after the party we had a nice bbq at our house with my parents. serving owen his favorite dinner…steak and corn on the cob.


it was a great day! and we all slept like logs that night.

thar be a party!

then we moved the party to the back yard where we played “walk the plank”and then let the loose to enjoy the water slide.


some pirates were successful



and some weren’t






and some pirates just wanted to swing

thar be a party!

owen has been planning a pirate birthday party for MONTHS now! he wanted a cake decorated like a pirate ship, had his pirate birthday shirt picked out in may, and wanted a jack sparrow costume for his birthday. such a clown! we tried to grant most of those wishes.


we got his a BIG bike for his birthday. he had outgrown his other one and we wanted it to be a few years before we had to upgrade again. it has slowed him down a little, but he LOVES it!


“ARR!” owen sitting down for his birthday breakfast and enjoying his new jack sparrow sword.


oh the cake! my worst nightmare. I completely gave up the night before while trying to make it look like a ship. the morning of the party I was frantically calling bakeries hoping they had a pirate cake. but, my mom showed up and assisted me in making it presentable. thanks mom! owen loved it!


we planned a pirate party for him that afternoon. it was a lot of work, but I think these boys (and girl) had fun!


we had to test out the pirate gear.


after everyone was dressed appropriately we headed outside for “sink the ship”.


they had fun bombing the other teams ship. I was actually surprised they didn’t start “bombing” each other.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy 6th birthday owen!

happy 6th birthday owen!

you makes us laugh every day. you are so smart, so handsome, and SO CURIOUS! you are always asking questions and nothing gets past you. you are a great big brother, helper, and friend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

madalyn’s birthday bash

for dinner we stopped for happy meals on our way home. and once we got home we relaxed. madalyn had a great time dressing her new dolls, playing “mom”, and serving everyone with her new dishes.




and then, it was cake time…AGAIN!



happy birthday princess! you make us so happy.


madalyn’s birthday bash

we spent the afternoon at the ross park pool in pocatello…it’s tradition! (; my brother (ben) and his family came to join us along with my parents. the weather was PERFECT and we all had a nice time.

092 - Copy

I worried that madalyn wouldn’t play in the water out all. but, after awhile she ventured out with her daddy and never looked back. she had so much fun playing with him in the water.

098 - Copy

madalyn and daddy

102 - Copy

owen was like a fish! he had such a great time playing in the water.

108 - Copy

kevin taught madalyn how to “float” on her back.

112 - Copy

owen, kevin, and madalyn

113 - Copy

owen and kevin

116 - Copy

madalyn and grandma

118 - Copy

madalyn and grandpa

119 - Copy

wesley enjoyed the lazy river the most! a guy after my own heart…I could spend all day floating around that thing.

122 - Copy

kevin and wesley

123 - Copy

cupcake time. “CHEESE!”

125 - Copy

making a wish

132 - Copy

yum…that’s good!


me and madalyn


opening her present from grandma


grandma gave her the cutest little tutu. madalyn wore it for two days straight! (;


we were glad eli came to play with us! he enjoyed those cupcakes.

madalyn’s birthday bash

madalyn turned 2 on saturday and so we partied! we did a hawaiian theme this year so I made cupcakes and tried to make them look like a lei.





thanks to a great tip from aunt elena we found some adorable snap and play dolls that are perfect for madalyn. so we got her two of those dolls (one being named elena), a couple outfits, and a wardrobe/closet to keep things in. the boys gave her the stroller and crib, and with the money grandma ward sent we got her a play dishes set. madalyn was pleased.



081 - Copy

after a quick “tea” party and some fun with her spoils we sat down to have maddy’s pancake breakfast.

087 - Copy

089 - Copy