Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trick or Treat

Spending Halloweeen in Logan, UT made things especially exciting this year. We all loved the extra company that the Hollingsworths provided...and the extra entertainment. We started the Trick or Treating at the Logan mall and then after a delicious dinner of Cheese Soup in pumpkin-like bread bowls we hit a few of the houses in the neighborhood. Owen loved going door to door and filling his pumpkin with candy. It was so funny to watch him walk around with the girls. It was like watching E.T. move around!

Hermine (Sami), Aggie Cow (Gabby), Referree (Alex), Witch (Megan), and Kermit The Frog (Owen)

Me, Owen, and Kevin

Owen and Megan

Kevin and Owen

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Trick or Treat Part II

After doing some Trick or Treating with the Hollingsworths we caught up with my friend Elise and her crew for round two of Trick or Treating.

Superman (Thomas), Chris, Tigger (Gordon), Elise, Kermit The Frog (Owen), Me

Owen with his mouth full of candy and pumpkin full of wrappers.

Superman getting a break
(Thomas and Chris)

Elise and Tigger (Gordon could have gone all night long...he should have been the Enegizer Bunny)

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Pumpkin Carving in Logan

Kevin started his clinical at the Logan Regional Hospital in Logan, UT for Physical Therapy School on October 30th. He will be helping out in Acute Care for 6 weeks so we are staying with my sister Katie. She only lives a couple blocks from the hosptial so it works out so well for us. We are so thankful to her and her family for their generosity.

We had a lot of fun Monday night with the Hollingsworths carving pumpkins and frosting cookies. Owen was a little freaked out by the jack o' lanterns.

Owen with his pumpkin before carving (all pumpkins were grown in the Hollingsworth's garden...very impressive).

Owen and Kevin carving the pumpkin

Me and Owen showcasing our jack o' lantern

Sami with her jack o' lantern

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