Friday, April 30, 2010

peace and quiet

this was their idea...i swear!

owen got his hands on some tape and the next thing i knew i was enjoying some peace and quiet! they both taped their mouths shut for about 5 minutes.

i think i might "accidentally" leave the tape out again!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


yesterday the boys were reunited with their long, lost friend kirk (and sara)!

it has been at least six to seven months since we saw the thomas family. we lived in the same apartment complex with them in pocatello and became fast friends. it was so great to spend the day chatting with lisa while the kids played, and played, and played! just like the old days.

thanks for coming guys!

owen, kirk, and wesley in their "safari" hats.

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cuddle bug

wesley is a C.U.D.D.L.E B.U.G!

if you ever want a great hug or sweet kiss find wesley! he's a pro.

he spends a couple hours of almost every night in our bed. and he loves to cuddle up right next to you and squirm until he successfully pops into your armpit. sometimes kevin will push him into the middle of the bed but he...without waking up...will instantly gravitate to the closest body and snuggle right in. we haven't been to strict about this practice because we love having him cuddled next to us.

here are a few recent pictures of kevin and wesley cuddling. another thing i love about wesley is when he does hug you, he loves to pat your head or back. SUCH A CUTIE!

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easter cont.

just a couple more pictures.

oh, her brothers just LOVE her!

happy easter everyone! hope you had a very enjoyable weekend celebrating our Saviour!

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easter baskets

madalyn also loved the ring least wrapped. her mother still hasn't gotten up the nerve to actually let her open it and eat it.

all the kids got new sunglasses in their easter baskets. i loved these pictures.

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happy easter

easter was certainly happy at our house. even though we had snow, no easter egg hunts, and didn't paint eggs.

kev had the weekend OFF, so it was so nice to "lounge" around on saturday and relax a little at home. we had conference on so we could listen while we worked. i really enjoyed conference during easter weekend. what a perfect combination!

sunday morning the boys acted like it was christmas! they were so excited that the easter bunny found us.

owen had one request for the easter bunny this year. a chocolate carrot with a green stick, just like the one he got last year! looks like the bunny was on top of his game!

wesley was especially thrilled about the HUGE chocolate bunny.

and madalyn loved her little basket full of grass. that was her favorite part.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

kite flying continued

i'm telling you. kite flying is mesmerizing...for young and old.

it only took two kites to get tangled in the air for these men to turn into boys...

and over take the kites. they strung all the kites together and flew them as one, never ending kite.

then, after a quick birthday celebration we were on our way home. we made a pit stop and madalyn enjoyed taking the wheel for a bit.

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