Thursday, August 27, 2009

"worst mom in the world" and "mom of the year"...all in a days work!


i had to make it to the dmv (lost my drivers license) before kevin needed to go into work so i took of early.

as i was waiting in line owen's preschool teacher called (leaving a message) wondering where owen was! i died! yes, i know. owen had just started preschool the day before but i REALLY thought his schedule was MWF not MWTH. I felt like a fool! so, after i was done at the dmv i frantically tried to reach his teacher and explain what had happened and then i called kevin asking him to help owen get ready for school so i could pick him up. his teacher was very kind about it and explained that every year at least one parent mixes this up. i was thrilled to be the idiot for her this year. (;

owen was waiting in the driveway when i pulled up and MORE THAN thrilled that he was being rushed to school.

after school, we picked owen up and he was quick to pull out his masterpiece of the day. a parrot! he was so proud of this parrot. and then...we were off to run errands.

well, somewhere between all of our errands that darn parrot disappeared! i have never seen owen so upset and determined to find this piece of paper. he wouldn't even come into my mom's house when we stopped by because he wanted to search the car looking for his parrot.

after tearing my vehicle apart and having no luck i decided i needed to retrace my tracks with owen and see if could find it. so, we went back to the first store we stopped at and i walked around peaking under cars in the parking lot. after a few minutes owen finally sighed "that's okay mom. he just flew away." so, i gladly hopped back in the car and headed out of the parking. BUT ALAS, out of the corner of my eye, a few rows from where we were initially parked i spotted a little black something that looked like it had writing on it. i turned around, hopped out, and picked it up. sure enough! that little black paper on the black pavement had the name "owen" written on it. i flipped it over and beheld THE PARROT!

owen was ecstatic! i believe i have redeemed myself!

he named her "polly wants a cracker".
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on wednesday our owen started preschool! i was up late the night before stressing out about my big boys big day! i was a basket full of emotions. of course, owen woke up early wednesday morning SO EXCITED about his first day. so, how could i not be excited with him. i was just brimming with joy when i picked him up and he was all smiles and so happy to see us and tell us about his first day. i just know he is going to love preschool. first thing he said was, "i missed you wes!" ahhh!

owen was quick to teach me mrs. long's rules:

"be nice to friends,
be nice to books,
and be nice to toys!"

i love preschool ALREADY!

all the little kiddies line up to be picked up after school...and the cars of mommies line up taking turns pulling up to the house to pick up their little preschooler. it's a good process that ensures order and that no children are hurt. p;us, it's fun to sit and watch the little kids interact with each other while they are waiting. i like it.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sunday photo shoot

our little madalyn is already 1 1/2 months old. it is going by way too fast! i just want to cry when i try to put an outfit on her and it doesn't fit. she has been so fun!

on sunday i asked kevin to take a few pictures me and madalyn together...since we really don't have any yet.

she wore a little dress that aunt emily gave her. i had to pin it in the back to make it fit a little snugger, but doesn't she look adorable!? especially with that headband and bracelet from steph (i have to put in these thank-you plugs when i can).

me and madalyn

i think she is actually smiling in this picture. ahh...what a good girl!

she is certainly plumping up! and we love it!

oh man, i hate when that happens!

she is always pulling her headband over her eyes.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

riot zone

on saturday kevin had his company party at the riot zone in rigby. they provided lunch, sno cones, and free rides.

owen LOVED the inflatable toys! wesley wouldn't go near them.

we also were able to take the boys on the go-carts and then kevin played about 2 holes of miniature golf with them.

the best part of all was enjoying our sno cones...which i waited in line for at least 30 minutes to get!

well worth it.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


here is a picture of madalyn after the zoo. she pretty much slept through the whole thing. i love this little blue outfit from her auntie rosanne. and she is all accessorized thanks to my good friend steph! she hooked us up with all kinds of headbands and bracelets!


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kevin finished work early last thursday and took us to the zoo and out to dinner. it was nice to get out and actually do something entertaining and ALL together.

me and the boys feeding the goats. owen would just throw the pellets at the goats...he was a little chicken!

owen posing on the lion with his "safari hat". he talked his dad into buying this very large hat the last time they went to the iona gas station for $2.

we spent a lot of time looking at the lions and the monkeys. they are always fascinating to me.

this picture really cracks me up. if you look closely wesley is in mid-pinch on owen's knee cap and owen is starting to respond to the pinch while saying "cheese". ahh...brotherly love!

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wesley and my sunglasses

my boys have a major fascination with sunglasses. and the last week or so wesley has fallen in love with MY sunglasses. he loved wearing them...and most of the time they were upside down. funny little guy!

wesley enjoying a Popsicle.

cheesing it!

now we have it right! what a handsome little guy!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

a much needed update

i don't really have anything exciting to report. but, my blog was in need up an update so i am making time to at least add pictures.

our little madalyn is getting SO BIG! this picture was taken earlier this month and now she has MAJOR rolls on those arms.

madalyn LOVES her swing! i love it too because it's the only safe place from her brothers.

kevin took these pictures of the boys on our first sunday back at church. it had been a few weeks since we had donned our sunday best and they both looked so grown-up and HANDSOME!

wesley and owen before church

wesley isn't paying attention, but i loved this picture because owen looks like such a missionary.

wes and his church bag from grandma ward. he loves carrying this bag to church.
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