Sunday, June 26, 2011

old friends

earlier this week a couple of my old high school friends came to pay me a visit. I hadn’t seen either of them since our 10 year high school reunion (nearly four years ago) so I was SO happy to see them.


facebook is great, but there is nothing better than being able to chat face to face! they both looked beautiful…and it was entertaining to watch our little kids play together.


me and jenny


cassy and me

ahh…highschool! I NEVER want to go back but I am thankful for good friendships made during that time. thanks ladies for the friendship and memories.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


last weekend kev and I competed in the scenic river classic. kevin did the 10k run and brenda (my neighbor/friend/running partner)and i did the 5k.


getting pumped up before the race. (; those are our game faces.

brenda has proven to be great running company. she helped me knock 6 minutes off my race time. (; we finished just seconds over 30 minutes and we were both pleased with the time. now we have even higher expectations for the next one.



after the race



kevin’s goal was to finish the 10k in 62 minutes and reached it with seconds to spare.


it was a fun race. looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

family home evening

each month my parents try to attend a family home evening at one of their children's homes. june just happened to be our month!

we had them over for dinner, a short lesson, and then dessert…of course!


we really love this tradition and look forward to sharing the evening with grandma and grandpa. unfortunately, kevin was working late so he missed all the fun! BOO! hopefully next time. (;

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

when we’re helping we’re happy

this week I am beginning to sense some of the extra joys that come with being a mother.

I started a chore chart and have assigned my little ones chores for the first time in their young lives. I have been dragging my feet on this because I felt like I would just have to redo everything they did which would defeat the purpose. but, I came to my senses and I cannot stop myself from smiling each morning when they wake up and start working.

now I know what I have been missing. they love feeling important, they are learning to work, and I love having things dusted, vacuumed, and wiped off every morning. even if it isn’t perfection…it’s still so rewarding! the cutest little workers I have ever seen. Smile


I let madalyn loose with a dust cloth and a wash cloth each morning and she goes to town.


this week wesley’s job is vacuuming and he couldn’t be prouder pushing that monster around.


owen is in charge of wiping down the bathrooms each morning and said “this is so easy”. then he asked, “so, now what are YOU going to do?” LOL.


no stone left unturned. she loves wiping things off.

happy memorial day


we followed tradition and spent memorial day in malad, id. it rained and was VERY cold. I only took a couple pictures.

it wasn’t the best showing from the harding family… BUT, i sure loved seeing the people who did come.

and yes, owen did get his bullet shell from the gun salute. Smile he is one happy boy.


rigby lake sprint triathlon

kevin competed in his third sprint triathlon last saturday. he really enjoys them, but I think he is crazy for doing one this early in the year. IT.WAS.FREEZING.COLD! it didn’t rain on us so there was a minor improvement from last year. because it was so cold a few competitors even opted to drop out of the race because they couldn’t stay in the water. but kevin survived and finished the race 5 minutes faster than the last one.


right before the swim


transitioning from the swim to this bike


the kids stayed busy playing on the play sets in between warm up sessions in the car (per mom’s request)



the bike race


transition from bike to run


the kids watching for dad to finish


sprinting to the finish line


proud kids (owen is sporting kevin’s finisher medal from the last race)



last day of school

last thursday was owen’s last day of school. he was asked to say a part in the assembly tribute to their retiring principal. he did a great job!

he is so excited for summer and even more excited to be in first grade (which means no afternoon NAPS)! (:


owen and his school buddies

happy summer everyone!