Sunday, May 30, 2010

father and sons campout

snug as bugs!
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father and sons campout

does it get any better? wesley, joseph, owen, and carson

owen LOVED going out on this boat. he was bragging later to me about how the boys on the boat had the priesthood. i love it!

wesley the camper

owen and joseph
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father and sons campout

last weekend our ward held the father and sons campout. kevin was a good dad and took both of the boys for this adventure. the forecast was predicting snow for the night so they opted to sleep in the honda.

i was so excited for a night to myself (since madalyn goes to bed around 8pm) but actually got pretty lonely! thankful that my friend, steph, came to entertain me for a few hours.

my boys

going fishing

check out wesley's fishing pole! a little large.

thrilled and chilled
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madalyn's crawl

madalyn has the greatest crawl that she uses when she is on our tile. it's hilarious to watch her go from a normal crawl to her "tile crawl" as soon as she starts to enter the kitchen.

owen's preschool graduation

owen finished preschool this month. and they did an extra cute program to celebrate. it was so fun to watch! i didn't really get a picture of owen before or after. not sure what i was thinking. but, i did get a good picture of him with the monster mask he made for part of the program. (;

he also had a little part in the program. each kid had a letter and a rhyme to go with it. owen's was 'j'. being the fantastic filmer i am i cut off the last part...on purpose...anyway. this is what he is saying: "j is for jaguar. he moves very fast. i could try to run with him but i wouldn't last."
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ain't to proud to beg

kevin was eating breakfast the other morning and along comes madalyn. having a crawling baby is a lot like having a dog...i would imagine. she is pretty good about begging for food, and she's pretty good about cleaning dropped food off the floor. such a clown!

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these boys are in love...

with their vegetables!

we have been really lucky with these two little guys. they LOVE to eat fresh vegetables. lettuce, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots....

makes mom and dad so happy!
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summer time?!

i took these pictures a couple weeks ago when the sun was shining and we were playing like it was summer time. that came to a quick halt...but, i love these pictures of madalyn because they just SCREAM summer. a little sunburn, cement scratch on her nose, a summer dress, and no shoes. love it!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


we missed you katie!

p.s. sisters-since i look the dorkiest in this picture i felt like i had FULL rights to posting it without seeking permission. plus, you three all look no complaining. love ya!
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fun with the manwarings

saturday was a beautiful day as well. and kevin and kyle started the morning off with 18 holes at a different golf course. but, this time kevin hurt his back at the third hole and didn't so much enjoy the rest of the vacation. such a BUMMER!

after he finished "golfing" we meet up with my sisters and their families for a picnic by a lake. fishing was allowed and so the boys had a great time playing near the water with fishing poles.

blake and payson

kevin and wesley


and the ladies had a great time catching-up while soaking in the sunshine.

emily and collin
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fun with the wards


madalyn had the funniest hair that wouldn't stay down. we called her "cindy lou who" for the day.

after the park we enjoyed some dinner at fred and carolyn's, said good-bye. and went back to emily and brandon's place.
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fun with the wards

the wedding was thursday, so once that was over we still had the whole weekend to play. on friday we spent most of the day with kevin's family.

kevin and kyle started the morning early and took aaron and sam on their first golf outing. they had a good time, the course was beautiful, and the weather was perfect. afterwards, we went to check out his parents new home that they will be renting for the next year or so. it will be so fun to have them so close...instead of in illinois.

then we were off to a cool park just a few blocks from their house. the kids could have stayed their ALL.DAY.LONG.

kimball, simon, and owen

owen and kimball


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rosanne's wedding

the day made for beautiful pictures, but it was VERY cold outside. the boys warmed up in kevin's suit coat.

i don't know if we were just preoccupied or what, but we only got a couple shots of the bride and groom. but believe me when i say that everything was beautiful! and rosanne looked so beautiful and happy. we are happy for her.

ANYONE: PLEASE send me some pictures of rosanne and rafa on their wedding day since i failed to do so. thanks.

rafa and rosanne getting ready to cut the cake

rosanne and rafa leaving as newlyweds.

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rosanne's wedding

family picture

sarah, simon, eleanor, aaron (kevin's brother), and kimball


kimball and owen exploring
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