Saturday, April 13, 2013

indoor soccer begins

the boys started indoor soccer this week. they both really enjoy playing and i love seeing their tired faces when it's over! ;)

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trip to orem, utah

last weekend we went to orem, utah to stay with kevin's parents. we got there thursday night and settled in for a long relaxing weekend.

the boys have fun playing with grandpa's game shoot the moon.


the kids went to bed exhausted each night.
wesley was pretty excited to build with grandma's legos. he loves to build a house that he can fit in.


playing with zoey 


madalyn coloring with grandma ward during conference 
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on saturday i took the kids to two easter egg hunts. they scored big and had a lot of fun.

"we're going on a egg hunt!"

after the egg hunt we went to grandma eva's 95th birthday party! i can't believe i didn't take a single picture. i must of been exhausted.

sunday morning the kids woke up to an egg hunt Cortes of the easter bunny and beautifully filled baskets.

i decided to dip some strawberries at 10pm saturday night. they turned out cute enough. 

kevin pulled out his plan of salvation visual aide from his mission. the kids enjoyed his easter morning lesson. 

they all looked so cute in their new church clothes.

happy easter everyone!
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brotherly love

sometimes we need to be reminded that they have sweet moments together.

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spring break- easter eggs

also during spring break we dyed eggs and went to extreme measures and efforts to make them look beautiful! the kids love every second of this but i don't think they ate a single egg. me on the other hand, i enjoyed egg salad sandwiches for THREE.DAYS.STRAIGHT!. :)

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spring break-hike up menan butte

during the kids' spring break we went on an adventure with our neighborhood friends. we took the kids to hike the menan butte in rexburg, idaho. the weather was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it.


afterwards we enjoyed a picnic at the park and some frozen custard at neilson's. wonderful day!
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baby swing

the other day we pulled out the baby swing while our friend was visiting. our "little baby" couldn't help but hop in and have a swing.

and i couldn't help but compare it to when she was actually our "little tiny girl".
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aunt laura

aunt laura surprised us with a last minute day trip to idaho falls! we love when she comes. the girls were able to sneak in a pizza lunch date together.

laura and maddy

thanks for spending the day with us!
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annual gregg manwaring snowmobile trip

and two more pictures of our last night together. exactly how many manwarings can you fit on a "three person couch" (as my kids all it)?

here we have 7! some of us just really like to be nice and close.

and then the grand kids decided to dog pile.

i count 15 but could be wrong!

what a fantastic trip! one of our favorites each year. thanks to everyone for making it wonderful, fun, and memorable!
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annual gregg manwaring snowmobile trip

pictures from the meadow


uncle brandon face planting megan and alex 

mia and amber 

jarom mixing business with pleasure 

a perfect picture to show how deep the snow was 

anna, kate, and halle. i think. 

ogden, owen, and wes 

a boy ride. not sure i can identify each face. lol!
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