Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Goodbye Comb-over!

Owen has never been accused of having a lot of hair...but, certain spots were more blessed than others (Grandma Anna liked to call it his comb-over). So last week we took him to Aunt Emily's for a new-do!

The pictures tell all...Owen doesn't like getting hair cut!

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Things got better after Emily let him play in the sink while she cut his hair. And the final product is perfect! Thanks Emily!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Swim Party

Saturday, July 15th we had a birthday party for Owen at Ross Aquatic Park here in Pocatello. We had such a great time! Grandma & Grandpa Manwaring, Ben & Kaylin, Jarom, Elena, Alyssa, Halle, Carter, and little Kate all came to celebrate with us.

Here we are together! What a perfect day to swim.
(photo courtesy of Elena Manwaring)

Owen enjoyed hauling this swimming noodle around.

The birthday boy! Who is having more fun...Owen or Grandma?

Halle and Alyssa--Party Animals!
(photos courtesy of Gregg Manwaring)

What chocolate cupcake?

Carter and Owen enjoying a new birthday gift.
(photo courtesy of Elena Manwaring)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Owen's Big Day

Today we celebrated Owen's first birthday. Who knew it could be so much fun? We spoiled him with attention and let him do things we normally wouldn't...including playing in the dirt. What a fun day!

6:30 am Owen woke up ready for a celebration

Who needs presents when you have balloons? Owen loved the balloons the most and carried two around all day long (which made it very hard for him to play with his new toys).

It's not a birthday without a pancake breakfast. Owen knew it was going to be a good day when Kevin poured extra syrup on his pancakes.

Kevin helping Owen open a birthday present.

Here is Owen enjoying his new Mega Bloks. He favors the black one.

I made Owen a bear cake (don't laugh...it's my first cake). Owen thought it was great.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our Little Owen

This post is especially for the grandparents. It's hard to believe Owen will celebrate his 1st birthday this week.

Owen's favorite place to play (9 months).
An egg in BOTH hands (9 months).

Owen's first snowmobile outing (8 months)
That was good! (7 months)

Owen and Aunt Laura (7 months)
6 months

All bundled up for a winter
walk (4 months).
Smiley boy! (3 months)

Look at that smile! (2 months)
Owen's cousin Gabby was born 5 days later (Katie, Gabby, me, Owen).

Meet Owen.
Kevin holding Owen.

Holding Owen right after he was born.

Our Independence Day

We spent the first part of our day in Victor, Idaho. Here is Owen, flag and all, preparing for a bike ride.
Owen loved playing with the cold water Grandma Anna was selling.

Mom "doin' her thang" at her Chokecherry Pickins Booth in Victor, Id

Camping in Driggs

July 3rd we went camping in Driggs, Idaho with a few of my siblings.

Jamis (Melissa's youngest), Ogden (Justin's youngest), & Owen sharing a soda.

Kevin and Owen

Owen taking a break after playing much too hard.

Me and my glow stick.

Owen sitting in his camping chair.