Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!

Melissa, Emily, and Elena after their pedicures (taken in January).

Happy Birthday Emily! I now how much you love birthdays and I am sure you have Brandon trained well enough to pull off the best birthday ever today! We are excited to join you at Mom and Dad's tonight for some celebrating. Have a wonderful day!

Becky, Kevin, and Owen
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura!

Happy Birthday Laura! We just wanted to post a little tribute to you on your 22nd birthday. I like this picture because it brings out your big, bright smile and shows how great you are to your nephews (sorry we faded you out Staci)! We really hope that you have an enjoyable day...and know that we are thinking about you.

Kevin, Becky, and Owen

Staci, Laura, and Owen taken in November
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun in Island Park cont.

Here are some more pictures taken from our stay in Island Park. What a great trip!

Brandon and Justin; Jamis just chillin' in the meadows; Justin and Ogden; Kevin and Owen; Jamis, Becky, Owen, Payson, Melissa, and Keagan in the hot tub; Natalie; Dad; Katie and Melissa messing around; Kevin and Owen

Each cabin was in charge of providing entertainment on a particular night so Kevin and I bought a bag of 100 plastic balls to keep the "kids" entertained. But, the adults seemed to take to them much more. We had a few "wars" down in the basement where it wasn't uncommon to find grown men and women screaming for mercy while in the fetal position. You wouldn't think these little balls could do much damage, but trust me...they hurt! It made for a LOT of fun.

I love this picture of some of the grand kids (and Emily) preparing for a wild ride.

Even though Kevin and I didn't take the annual ride to Mesa Falls I thought I would include this picture (of the first group) to show you how gorgeous it is this time of year. Chris, Katie, Dad, Jarom, Elena, Justin, Amber, Ben, and Kaylin.

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Fun in Island Park

Last week was Kevin's Spring Break and we were able to spend most of our time in Island Park. The Annual Gregg Manwaring Snowmobile Trip was Tuesday-Friday. We had such a great time!

We rented three cabins right next next to each other at The Pines and my Dad was able to bring ten snowmobiles for us to play on during our stay. Each family was in charge of providing a meal for our army of 34, so we all ate REALLY well! I wasn't able to do much snowmobiling but I did enjoy the hot tubs outside each cabin. We enjoyed great weather and the kids really enjoyed being able to play in snow building snow caves and being pulled on tubes (so did some of the adults).

It always is a relief when we end our trip and there are no injuries and every makes it home safely. We play hard and make a lot of memories during this trip each year. I love it!

Kevin and Owen on a snowmobile outside the cabin.

Me and Owen enjoying our time outside as spectators.

Me sinking into the snow a few feet. Because the weather was So GREAT it made it very difficult to walk in the snow. You would just sink down a few feet if you stepped in the wrong spot.

Justin and Kaylin rescuing the pregnant woman.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Megan is 7!

Megan...we cannot believe that you are 7 years old today! We hope that you are having a great day and wanted to be sure you knew we were thinking about you. We decided to post this picture so that everyone could see how CUTE you are (this picture was taken while we were living with you last November)! Have fun today, and we look forward to seeing you next week at the cabin.

Kevin, Becky, and Owen

Friday, March 02, 2007

Carter turns the BIG 3!

Happy Birthday Carter Manwaring! I laughed when I realized that in most of the pictures I have you aren't wearing a shirt! Such a character. We just wanted to post a birthday wish for you. I am sure your parents have planned a fabulous day for you. We hope to make it to your house tonight for CAKE!

Kevin, Becky, and Owen

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