Monday, February 22, 2010

i guess we do!

i honestly never really thought my little girl looked like me...until today!

i have been organizing my pictures in picasa (a photo program i use). it has a feature where it will find faces in pictures you have and try to match them to each other pictures/faces you have already named. anyway, today i found my baby picture in madalyn's file. CRAZY! i guess i can see my baby girl in this baby picture of me. and this brought me LOTS of joy for some reason. (;

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Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day continued

we got the boys little saucer sleds this year with a new book for each child. they loved them! we thought they would be just the right size for them to pull each other around the yard in. they will also be pretty handy next week during our snowmobiling trip.

it was a very relaxing valentine's day! now i just hope the cough all three kids woke up with goes away QUICKLY!
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happy valentine's day!

we had a whirl-wind of a weekend!

the olympics started on friday night. WE LOVE THE OLYMPICS! i watched all the opening ceremony and REALLY enjoyed it. but when people started talking about kd lang's performance i was at a loss. i thought i totally missed it. until they showed a clip of it on the today show this morning! i had in fact seen her performance, but thought it was a man THE.ENTIRE.TIME. whoops. but, she is very talented.

on saturday i hosted a baby shower with my sister, emily. it was so fun to have my sisters in town (all but one...WE MISSED YOU NATALIE!). and it was fun to celebrate this little boy that we are SO ANXIOUS to meet!

then, on saturday early evening a few of us (mom & dad, jarom & elena, brandon & emily, and me, kev, and madalyn) went and enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Sandpiper here in Idaho Falls. It was a very relaxing, delicious and enjoyable experience...just what i ordered! thanks emily for making those reservations!

and sunday morning brought VALENTINE'S DAY! a funny thing about getting ready for valentine's day. i let the boys each pick out a box of valentines (owen picked bakugan ones with tattoos and wesley picked spider man ones with pencils). as owen was getting his valentine's ready to take to school i kept chanting "o-w-e-n spells owen" to help owen stay focused as he wrote his name on each one. wesley was also preparing his valentine's and i later noticed he was saying "o-w-e-n spells wesley ward" as he was writing. i tried correcting him several times trying to get him to say "w-e-s spells wes" but after a few tries he would go right back to "o-w-e-n spells wesley ward". i even asked him the next day how to spell wes and he repeated my chant. guess it was a little too powerful! (;

the kids received a few valentine's in the mail. THEY LOVE MAIL! and really enjoyed each valentine they received. thanks everyone!

i "let" kevin sleep in sunday morning and presented the kids their valentines and then made a strawberry and cream waffle breakfast that i pretty much enjoyed alone because the boys prefer syrup on their waffles (shame...i know.).

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


wesley LOVES to dress up. whether it's a cowboy, pirate, bad guy, or batman! when kevin's parents came for christmas they brought one of kevin's old costumes. a batman costume. wesley puts this little "jumpsuit" one at least once a day. it didn't take long for him to tear it apart as he maneuvered in and out of it.

anytime i try to address him as "wesley" when he is dressed in a costume he is quick to correct me. "i not wesley, i'm ____."

this boy plays hard!
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madalyn is 7 months old!

our little maddy has hit 7 months! i can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

she really enjoys spitting, rolling, getting in the "crawling" stance (not crawling yet), laughing at her brothers, and trying to copy the noises they make.

she has perfected her plank...and she inspires me daily. (;

she has the BIGGEST blue eyes, the most intense gaze, the funniest scowl, and the most beautiful smile. she doesn't give her smiles away very easily, but when she does smile her whole face just lights up.

life in general just seems to be FLYING past us. everyone once in awhile we try to grab onto little moments...and we cherish those.
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Articles of Faith 1 & 2

We've got one and two down. Three is proving to be a little more challenging.