Tuesday, April 26, 2011


when kevin reads to the kids he lets them sit on his back. so, of course, when owen gets out his reading homework this is going to happen. these are moments when I can’t help but smile!




Monday, April 25, 2011

easter sunday

we enjoyed a nice easter sunday with family! it was a little frantic in the morning with the easter baskets serving as a distraction. maybe the easter bunny should deliver them AFTER church next year. we will see what we can do about that. does anyone’s easter bunny come on saturday? just curious.


enjoying our spoils




I wanted to get a picture of the kiddos in their new easter clothes BEFORE church because I knew after church would be TOO late. but, madalyn is proving to be a difficult one to photograph.



see what I mean. but, still cute!

I’m thankful that we were able to step away from the baskets of candy and enjoy a few hours learning about our Savior’s atonement and resurrection. we enjoyed our meetings and then spent the rest of the afternoon with my family…eating and visiting.

happy easter everyone!



ever since natalie told owen she bought a jeep he has been drawing pictures of if and talking to his friends about how his aunt natalie is going to take him for a ride in her jeep with the top off. well, saturday those dreams were fulfilled. these boys had a ball! and…most the adults did too! (;



thanks natalie for sharing the weekend with us! we loved spending time with you.

iona easter egg hunt

our little city of iona holds an easter egg hunt each year. I took the boys the first easter we lived here (I was pregnant with madalyn) all by myself and it was a less than pleasant experience. so, last year I didn’t even blink when it came around. THIS year the weather was so beautiful and my kids were wanting to be outside so I decided to try it again. kevin was working but my sister, natalie, was in town and said she would come and help out. I am so glad she was there to help and I am so glad I decided to go!

this is a pretty small community, but the egg hunt was HUGE! people from everywhere. and it’s over in a matter of seconds. my kids were each able to get a handful of eggs and since the weather was so nice we decided to hang out at the park and enjoy some lunch and play. they were serving hot dogs, chips, soda, and candy each for $.25. I fed us all with $4 and we were SO CONTENT! I really love this community more and more as we attend things like this. we chose a great place to live.


the boys and the easter bunny

madalyn didn’t want ANYTHING to do with the bunny! he kept trying to come near here just so he could get a rise out of her.






madalyn was more interested in her eggs than her lunch.


one happy little girl.

egg hunt

last week for mutual the young women and young men held an easter egg hunt for all the kids from church. it was fun to have my kids at mutual with me… and even though it was COLD they enjoyed finding their eggs.




Thursday, April 14, 2011



my sister-in-law, amber, delivered a beautiful baby EARLY this morning! I was at the hospital by 11:30 this morning to deliver gifts and take pictures (my parents are out of town so I was partly filling in…but, you know me and new babies).


they named her amelia and will be calling her mia. what a princess! a little piece of heaven.



mom and baby both are doing great!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring break

i can't believe i didn't even get a picture of the graduate! sorry kyle. kevin took kyle golfing on saturday as his graduation present. and then we had a little fiesta dinner for everyone. kyle's parents and his sisters also joined us. it was good food and good company.

it's amazing how quickly we cleaned up after dinner with six ladies in the kitchen!

madalyn loved being with grandma. they even shared a room at night. thanks grandma!

we said goodbye to everyone on sunday. hope to see them again soon!

spring break

toby, the dog, came along with fred and carolyn. madalyn was LESS THAN thrilled the first time she saw him. but, she really warmed up to him by sunday. she was so cute when she said his name.


friday afternoon kevin took his family to the bodies exhibit that is at our museum until fall. I was planning on going but was feeling nauseated and thought the two would be a bad combination. I will have to try to go another time. we watched some movies and relaxed. it was nice.


wesley and aunt laura


staci, madalyn, and carolyn


kevin and fred playing ping-pong

spring break

fighting over the horse...i mean, laura. (;

all the kids LOVE grandpa. madalyn and grandpa reading a book.

madalyn and grandpa enjoying breakfast.

madalyn and grandpa playing with blocks.

spring break

spring break at this house was full of sickness…but, it was also full of company (who we also made sick…sorry). so, during our down time we did a lot of this.






my sister, katie, and her five daughters came to town on sunday through tuesday. we made a craft and play at grandma’s A LOT. it was fun to spend time with them.  the next day my aunt janice, cousin kayla, and her friend (all from California), and my grandma freidenberger came to visit for a couple days. it’s always fun to see them and catch up. thursday night we had our own visitors. staci and kyle came from twin falls. kyle was graduating from byu-idaho on friday night so they came to spend a few days. we have really missed having them close by so it was fun to spend a weekend together. kevin’s parents and sister laura came into town on friday afternoon to participate in the graduation festivities as well. my kids were in HEAVEN!

Friday, April 01, 2011

grandma eva turns 93!

we were super happy to see the murdoch's make a special trip from utah.

jarom, elena, and melissa

aunt sandy and mom


grandma eva turns 93!

last sunday we celebrated by grandma eva's 93rd birthday!

my kids have been so blessed to know and share memories with all but one of their great-grandparents on my side of the family.

it was quite the party...some family even coming from utah to help celebrate. she is so special to so many people. and she is also responsible for so many people! (; she has given us a very clear example of what a righteous and healthy life will provide.

owen, kevin holding madalyn, grandma, me, and wesley

aunt eja and grandma

madalyn spent most of the evening at the table enjoying the ice cream. she gets that from her mother!

and when she wasn't at the table she was playing with grandpa.

no training wheels

last weekend kevin had a free saturday and the sun was shining so we decided to take owen's training wheels off and start teaching him how to ride a bike like a big boy. it was a little over due (should have been done last spring) so it felt good to finally get it done. and owen was off and running. it took VERY little training on owen's part.

he was on his bike until the sun went down. he is really enjoying his new found freedom.

no more naps!

my three kids all take naps still...and all at the same time. it's the magic hour for me!

growing up we always had nap time/quite time and i went ahead and kept that tradition alive. i think it's important for the kids and important for the mom to get some quite time in the middle of the day.

owen is at the age (5 3/4) where he is trying to revolt. i keep reminding him that in the fall he will start school and will be gone ALL DAY so he won't have to nap anymore. but, he still likes to pretend that his little growing body doesn't need the extra sleep and he will lay down in bed in a rebellious position.

but, he still falls asleep. i guess i'm right. (:

i love that he will still humor me. (;


we have had our run of sickos in this house! i hope when spring finally shows up the sickness will all magically disappear.

the other day when wesley was taking his turn with being sick madalyn decided she could also use a day of laying down and being pampered too.

she played the part REALLY well. almost had me fooled.

wesley eating his "feel better crackers". saltines and water always seem to make us feel better! here is to a healthy spring!