Monday, March 18, 2013

my sewing project

my parents surprised me with a sewing machine for christmas. so, in january i started my first sewing project. i decided i would make quilts and pillows for maddy's little baby bunk bed.

it was a lot of fun going to the fabric store with my mom to pick out fabric, thread, scissors, and other accessories necessary for a novice sewer. madalyn was a thrilled to feel involved and a part of it all.

once i found a good day to pull it all out i finished the first blanket in a matter of days. then i lost my steam and took a long break. it's hard to find the time to pull it all out and dedicate the day to a project. but, once it's out it pretty easy to stay motivated. the next time i pulled it out and set up i finished the other quilt and two pillows all in one saturday. it was great. and maddy cheered me on the whole time.

since then i have made a couple holiday banners and i'm finding it all very fun and exciting.

aren't they so sweet all snuggled up? 

madalyn was thrilled with the finished product and just loves that these babies have a cozy bed to be tucked into.
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Friday, March 01, 2013

snow shoeing lower mesa falls

boy, oh boy did our friends take us on a spectacular snow shoeing adventure! i am so thankful that we were able to go and enjoy the outdoors. i am also so glad we survived. it was one TOUGH sucker!

the hike from the bear gulch parking lot to the lower mesa falls look out was pretty basic. very secluded and beautiful and not too tough.

we enjoyed the view for a bit from this great look out point.


meieli and me

meieli and james

here we are after reaching the lower mesa falls lookout. i believe that this point kevin and i have seen our fate (the descent) and we have a little bit of fear in our eyes. lol!

me and meieli

kev and me

starting to work our way down. very STEEP and lots of boulders and deep snow pockets.

kevin and james

surveying the route down

james, meieli, and me

here we are near the bottom. so proud of ourselves for not getting hurt. lol.

what an amazing view! we enjoyed a little snack and rest and then headed back up.

i love this picture because it shows what the incline was like. CRAZY!

by the time we made it back up we were WIPED OUT! but, we still had the walk back to the parking lot, about 2+ miles. it was work. and we had NO hesitation taking down our big judd's hamburger, fries, and milk shake once we made it to ashton. well, it did take a little while to get a our strength back to pick the burger up. lol!

amazing trip! can't wait for next year.
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