Saturday, April 14, 2012


here are wesley's pictures from preschool. i'm not sure why they scanned so funny.

Little Chick Preschool afternoon class

wesley has really enjoyed his time in preschool but is REALLY excited to start kindergarten so he can go every day instead of just three days a week. 

what a handsome "little chick". 
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easter weekend cont.

the egg hunters

after the egg hunt we dyed easter eggs.

then we grilled hot dogs for dinner and stayed up to play games WAY TOO late! but, it was fun.

we woke up to an egg hunt and easter baskets on sunday.

after church we enjoyed a lovely ham dinner at my parents house. it was nice to just relax and have a day to think about the reason we actually celebrate easter.

we are blessed to have a firm testimony that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, was crucified, and rose on the third day. providing EACH of us the opportunity to repent, follow His example of charity, and be resurrected at His second coming. we live each day remembering Him! and strive to live a life worthy of an eternal life with Him, our Heavenly Father, and our families.

happy easter! 
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easter weekend

easter weekend was PACKED with fun! a couple of our cousins (kayla and blake) who are attending school at utah state came to spend the weekend with us. they brought our grandma freidenberger with them, and also blake's girlfriend (kendall) came along.

before all the fun started we dyed out own easter eggs at home.


then, we had a pizza party at my mom's that night and played some games. 

anna and madalyn
madalyn LOVES big girls. she calls them all her "sisters". and they are always so sweet to her.

saturday morning we all met at hell's half acre and enjoyed a short hike and picnic lunches. 

it was a bit chilly, and this californian was freezing! 

the hikers 

we came home and the bunnies got to work hiding easter eggs. 


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george washington

owen learned about george washington as school on monday and came right home and built a lego george washington to take to school and show his teacher. he did a pretty good job!

we are so proud of owen and his hard work at school. he is really starting to enjoy reading and just finished a 120 page book. it took a LONG time but he enjoyed it. he does a good job on his homework and has only missed one spelling word all year long. he must get this from his mom! :)

proud of you owen!
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weekend in utah

it's been a long time coming...but, we finally made it to utah as a family for a little vacation. we went the first weekend in april and had such a great time. we were spoiled by my sister emily's family and also by kevin's family. it was well worth it! i spent quite a bit of time with my sisters (emily and natalie) and kevin spent most of his time with the kids at his parents house. we were able to have THREE sleepovers at aunt emmy's house and the kids loved every minute of it!

the weather was beautiful and allowed for a lot of playing outside.

getting ready for tball season!

madalyn sharing some love with toby.

grandma has a LOT of blocks. the kids played with them for HOURS.

sleeping arrangements. ;)

we had two egg hunts during the weekend. emily and grandma ward both put on a hunt for the kids. they were spoiled ROTTEN.

kevin and fred were able to go to priesthood session together.

watching parts of the lds general conference on television at em's.

emily treated ALL the girls to glitter toes! i had her do laura and rosanne's for their birthday's and then she also did mine and nat's. i love glitter toes!

we had such a wonderful weekend. we were even able to enjoy a fun evening at carolyn's with a few of kevin's aunts and uncle (ed & faye, and deanne). it's always great to see them!
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