Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

I don't know what it is about Memorial Day, but I feel like I look forward to the holiday more than most people. Maybe it's just the tradition that gets me so excited. We spend the holiday in Malad, ID every year. We go there because that is where most of my Grandma Freidenberger's family is buried (my Grandma also happens to live in Malad). I love seeing the cemeteries all decorated and colorful, and I enjoy the program that the Malad Cemetery puts on with musical numbers and the Veterans doing their gun salutes (and then watching all the little boys run to pick up the shells). But, its also a special day because my mom's side of the family gets together at a park nearby for food and an informal reunion. It's great to see all these relatives...but, it's even more fun to spend time with my siblings (that choose to attend...I won't point fingers)! We usually find ourselves in a game of kickball or softball after lunch. I have attached a few pictures of our outing this year and next year I will try a little harder to pull my camera out before most of the day is over (I hate when that happens!). Thanks for a great day family!

Dad in action; Amber, Ben, Megan, Ellie, Gabby, and Owen; Justin pitching with all the kids on the mound to support him; Ben with his pants rolled up; Owen guarding 2nd; Justin did an awesome face plant trying to catch the ball; Kevin in action; Kaylin and her adorable pregnant self; Katie in her skirt with sneakers on.
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Growing like a weed

I can't believe how quickly our little Wes is growing up. Our pediatrician commented at our last appointment at how he "was impressed" with his weight gain! You would think this kid would be a chunk when you hear his weight...but he carries it well. (; Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of Wes from the last couple weeks.

I love this picture because he looks so relaxed. A lot like his Dad when he is napping.

What an angel!

After his baths Wes always looks like he just got in a fight. But, I think he is learning to appreciate bath time a little more.

I love his little mohawk.

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My Boys

One of the most commonly asked questions to new mothers is "Who do you think your baby looks like?". So, here is a pictures of Owen (top) at 4 weeks and a picture of Wes (bottom) at 3 weeks. Aren't they handsome little devils? And I can't believe how similar they are. And to answer the question...they both look alot like Kevin looked when he was a baby (Wes has little bit more of me in him then Owen did).

And here are my three boys! Owen is finally showing some interest in holding Wes. It's so fun. So when he asked to hold him yesterday I jumped on the photo opportunity. I love my boys!
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy 25th Brandon!

Happy Birthday to Brandon! The BIG 25! We are so happy to have you in our family. Emily certainly made a good choice. We hope to see you today on your big day. I'm guessing Emily woke up really early to decorate and make you a pancake breakfast! Hope your day is fantastic!

Becky, Kevin, Owen, and Wes

Emily and Brandon Christmas morning 2006

Brandon holding Owen and Gabby
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

"That Wonderful Mother Of Ours"

With today being Mother's Day I thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to our moms. Where would we be without them? Today we are grateful for their patience, love, sacrifice, prayers (in our behalf), and most of all...their example.

We love you! Happy Mother's Day!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wesley Gregg Ward

Wesley Gregg Ward born 5/5/07
8 lbs
21 1/2 inches

Saturday, May 5th marks the arrival of Wesley Gregg Ward. We arrived at MountainView Hopsital in Idaho Falls, ID at 12pm and he was here by 3:48pm. Everything went so smoothly with labor and we are so grateful for that! Wes has lots of black hair and long eye lashes. We named him after Kevin and my Dad...his first name is actually Kevin's middle name, and then we used my Dad's name as his middle name. All the nurses were in love with him and called him "Lashes". They were sad to see him leave on Sunday.

Mom and Wes.

Owen meeting his new little brother.

Our handsome little Wes.
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Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Ward

The last part of April we were lucky enough to get a visit from Kevin's parents. They had driven from Illionis for the graduation of their oldest daughter, Rosanne (BYU Provo). Fred and Carolyn stayed two nights and we loved every minute we had with them. It was fun watching Owen make memories with his grandparents. We hope to see them again soon!

Owen with Grandma & Grandpa. There is nothing Owen likes more than to watch himself on camera.
Grandpa and Owen looking at videos of Owen on his camera.
Owen attempting to eat lunch with some of his new toys Grandma brought.
Owen taking a rest on Mom's big belly.
Owen and his "quarters". He has a fascination with money lately and will request "quarters" all day long.
Grandpa giving Owen an airplane ride.
Grandma and Owen.
Grandma giving Owen loves.
Grandpa and Owen.