Sunday, May 31, 2009

happy birthday sam!

my brother-in-law, sam, turns 29 today!

happy birthday sam! we hope you have a fabulous time celebrating today!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

memorial day cont.

we were able to get a good game of kickball in before a storm blew in and scared everyone off.

owen giving thumbs-up! he was so proud of his kickball skills.

before we could get everything loaded up the storm cleared so my family stayed and played after everyone else had left. we were able to get in some ultimate frisbee, cricket, and aunt melissa even showed off her balloon tying skills and made swords for the kids.

playing cricket

melissa tying balloons

wesley-thoroughly enjoying his sword.

on the way home we all decided to stop at justin's (in blackfoot) and have a bbq and play some croquet. such an eventful day! thanks for all the fun everyone.
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memorial day

our company left sunday evening. and of course we spent memorial day in malad, id with my mom's family.

i really look forward to this day.

my prego-emotions were on a roller coaster that morning trying to get out of the house. we were running late, my layered dip wouldn't fit in the cooler so i had to transfer it into another pan (NOT EASY) and the cute outfit i bought to wear that day DIDN'T FIT! MAJOR CRISIS! but, we survived the morning and enjoyed the rest of our day.

i was so thrilled that my cousin mike was there with his new wife, christina. all they way from san fran.

me, mike, christina, uncle don (mike's dad)...pardon my crazy expression

and, as always, the sisters pulled through and all showed up to support my mom and her family. so, we had to get a picture. not sure how the swollen prego women ended up in the front.

me, melissa, emily, katie, and natalie


kevin trying to show wesley how to whistle with a piece of grass.

kevin and wesley
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visit from the aunts and kyle

friday night laura and rosanne (kevin's sisters) came from utah to spend the weekend. it was fun to have them visit! i will use this post to tell about our time with them and also show you the updates on our house.

friday night we enjoyed some pizza and then spent the evening outside in our dirt field (aka our yard). staci and kyle came from rexburg to join in the fun. i took off a little early so i could enjoy some dessert and nice conversation with my friend elise who was also in town that day.

owen , laura, wesley, and rosanne

about a week ago we hired a guy to come and level our out yard and dig us a hole to put a trampoline in. he did a great job and the boys LOVE their trampoline. i have yet to do any bouncing on it (a prego thing) but, the boys enjoyed it even more when their aunts came. they bounced all night long!


we also recently poured a cement patio and stairs in our back yard. which then meant we needed patio furniture, which then meant we also needed a new grill to bbq on! oh, the list could go on forever. we also just had window well covers put on all our basement windows. our tax return is quickly dwindling. i just hope it lasts long enough to get our sprinkler system and grass planted!

anyway, friday night we were also able to use our little fire pit for the first time. it was fun to sit and chat by the fire.

kevin had to work saturday morning so i convinced rosanne to join me and boys on a little hike at heise. my family was there camping and so we drove up that morning to enjoy a quick hike with them. no pictures...sorry.

that evening staci and kyle came back and kyle brought his 4-wheeler with him. everyone had so much fun riding it around our yard. THANKS KYLE! then we bbq'd and watched a movie.

kevin and owen

kevin and wesley
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a visit from the thomas'

our old poky friends, the thomas', came for a quick visit last friday. we enjoyed lunch, the park, and a little play time at our house. it was so fun to see them.

owen and kirk

it was so fun to listen to these two boys catch-up and tell stories to each other.


sara and wesley had more fun playing near each other than with each other. they have both grown up so much.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

happy birthday brandon!

my brother-in-law, brandon, turns 27 today!

brandon is the best uncle any kid could ask for. always willing to play along with the kids and entertain. and when he's not playing with the kids he is great company to the adults too! (; we are so excited for you upcoming graduation in july. we hope you and em stick around. nice work!

happy birthday brandon!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


these boys love to dress up as cowboys, or pirates, or motorcycle dudes. i swear a spend a good portion of my day tying bandanna's around their neck, face, or head. such funny little boys.

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wesley learned about ears in nursery on sunday. and this is what he was wearing when i went to pick him up from his little class. i just DIED seeing all those cute little kids running around with ears tied around their faces. wesley adores his little ears! what a fun idea!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

wesley's wish

i just had to add a couple videos from wesley's birthday. last year he burned his finger while we were singing happy birthday to him. this year he was such a big boy and would even fold his arms. both times he was so proud of himself and said, "i win! i did it!"
happy birthday cutie!

wesley's birthday recap continued

kevin went into work a little late so we were able to enjoy a yummy pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast. we also tried to play outside a little that day, but the wind was not cooperating. the boys had fun launching most of the balloons off outside and riding their bikes for a little while.

emily met us at mcdonald's for lunch and the boys were able to play there for awhile before heading home for naps. during nap time i tried to create my first fondant cake. it turned out okay, but i don't think i will try it again anytime soon.

i did an airplane cake. my clouds kept falling off the fondant. so much to learn!

we had a taco dinner for our cinco de mayo baby and then had a little birthday bash with cake and ice cream. we were so happy about the turn out of family! thanks for coming and supporting wesley! it made for a GREAT day.

grandma & grandpa manwaring
elena, alyssa, halle, carter, and kate
justin, amber, ellie, anna, ogden, and truman
emily & brandon
staci & kyle

wesley all tuckered out with his new jet and book from grandma and grandpa manwaring.
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wesley's birthday recap

it's taken me a week to get these pictures up. i am slowing down lately.

i think wesley had a great day! it's kind of hard to tell with a 2-year old, but i think he felt special all day long.

wesley woke up to a couch full of fun presents (a cowboy hat from owen, two SUPER BIG bouncy balls, new sunglasses...his third pair this year, a wooden puzzle, a hot wheels airplane and hot wheels jet, a baseball glove and ball, a new shirt, and geo trax airport). but, he was MOST interested in...

the balloons!

wesley has REALLY been into hats and airplanes lately. and the straw cowboy hat he had was thrown out so he has been using tupperware containers on his head. so we knew a new hat was on the top of the list. and his little airplane broke a couple weeks ago so that was an easy gift as well. he loved them both!

he was pretty excited about the geo trax airport...but, guess who loved it even more!

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thank you!

thank you for the birthday card grandma and grandpa ward!

he loves getting things in the mail! it made his day!
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Friday, May 08, 2009

happy birthday truman!

my little nephew, truman, turns 1 today!

happy birthday truman! you are such a busy little boy.

it's still so weird for me to see him "running around" because he so so short and stout...but he is a goer. and SO handsome!

hope your first birthday is fantastic! we love you!
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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

love story meets viva la vida

i found this on a friends blog. i feel like i have started my day off with some major inspiration! great music! take a listen.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

happy birthday wesley

our little wesley turns two today! he has just made life so entertaining.

some fun facts about little wes:
he LOVES to put things on his head.
he dissects everything before he eats it.
when you ask his name is says "owie".
he loves to play hide 'n seek and "tiger".
he loves to dress up as a cowboy or pirate.
his response to most questions is "sure".
he copies everything owen does.
he adores the show caillou and calls it "my caillou".
he's got quick hands and quick feet. he knows how to grab and run.
he's got the GREATEST smile ever, even with his overbite!(;
if someone is sad he is quick to come over and ask "you okay?"

we love you wes! and can't imagine life without you! happy birthday bug!