Tuesday, September 21, 2010

kunde cabin

on sunday we went to church in island park, took a little nature walk, ate some more good food, and relaxed before we had to pack up and move back to reality.

concentrating on my puzzles! i think it's the best way to relax.

madalyn and wesley having fun with the weeds.

madalyn loved marching around like she was a big girl. and she found lots of time to take in nature.

the walks were nice, but you had better believe that i was on my guard the entire time...nervous that a wild animal would come and attack. eek!

thanks again staci and kyle! this was just what we needed and wanted out of a weekend away.
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kunde cabin

on saturday we took a drive and went and walked around big springs.

after big springs we drove over to ponds lodge to enjoy some dinner and watch the boise state game.

madalyn found a little friend at the cabin that she would stop and play/talk with. a little stuffed bear just her size.
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kunde cabin

after two fishing trips uncle kyle was able to pull a fish out of the water for the boys to see. they were THRILLED!

we played a lot of the ds. owen and wesley LOVE to watch me play. they think i am THE BEST at mario brothers. it's very flattering! (:
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kunde cabin

i LOVE this picture of maddy and kevin! haven't seen him this relaxed in a.long.time. (:

a friendly game of baseball.

the boys fishing.

muscle man wes
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kunde cabin

kyle and the boys fishing.

kevin and the boys.

madalyn was especially fond of aunt staci.

brother and sister bonding time. (;
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kunde cabin

last weekend staci (kevin's sister) and her husband kyle spoiled us with a get-away in island park at their family cabin. we left late thursday night and stayed until sunday late afternoon.

kevin had made a special request for this vacation and i think he enjoyed it to the fullest!

we ate a lot of good food.

we did a lot of relaxing on the porch swing.

we read books and did puzzles.

the boys did some fishing.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

that's my girl!

i don't blog about her as much as i should...but, we sure enjoy having little madalyn in our home.

she is so much fun.
she loves: jewelry, her purse, to clean up toys, throw things in the garbage, wipe things off, sweep, help "fold" laundry, and help unload the dishwasher.

she loves to play with her brothers and their friends. she would follow the around all day. they treat her like a princess and are constantly telling her how cute she is or congratulating her on building something cool.

she walks around with her hands behind her back like she is the boss...because she is!

we love her!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


madalyn thinks she is such a big girl! and i really can't believe how quickly she is growing up.

kevin had to make a stop at the basketball toss (as tradition goes). at least this year he stopped after $10. (: love ya kev!

a good time had by all! i could have stayed longer to enjoy more food...but, alas!
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madalyn LOVED the cotton candy and her free necklace. she still loves to put this on every day.

owen won a dolphin at one of the games.

wesley won a sea dragon.

rosanne, rafa, kevin, and laura

it was so fun to have these three join us! thanks for coming guys.
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we had so much fun over labor day weekend. most of my family was in town because my brother was blessing his baby so we were able to spend time with my family. then, some of kevin's family came sunday night so we could all go to the state fair on monday. it was so great to see laura, rosanne, and rafa. we always have a great time chatting.

monday we were off to the fair.

madaly and wes were wiped out before we even got there.

wesley couldn't stop talking about the ferris wheel. he was so excited to ride it for the first time.

so glad i was able to ride it with him. each time we passed our family he would wave and say "hi" to each one of them. he loved it!

owen wasn't too interested in the rides. but he did go on a few for wesley's sake.

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we got grass!

since we moved into this house nearly two years ago we have been anticipating a yard with grass. over the last several months we have talked to our boys about how we are saving our money for grass. owen and wesley started to question us each time we would go grocery shopping, "aren't we saving for grass?". they did a pretty good job of keeping us on track. (; and they were fascinated with people who had grass. one day owen even asked kevin, "Dad, did you have grass when you were a little boy?" i know, it's sad!

we devoted so much time into this yard this summer and thanks to some MAJOR hard work from our family and friends we were able to finish the front yard.

my friend steph helped me with our bark, trees, and shrubs (you can't really see them because they are so small).

our neighbor, aaron, helped us map out our sprinklers and has been our go-to guy with most of this!

my brothers and dad helped with the sprinklers. we finished the front and most of the back. just a little bit more to do before it gets too cold.

kevin took a week off of work to try to wrap up the yard and to lay sod in the front. staci and kyle (BLESS THEIR HEARTS) practically moved in that week and helped us more than we could ever thank them. from sun up to sun down they were outside with us digging trenches, raking, attaching sprinkler heads, and laying sod. they even made us a delicious steak dinner one night after working several hours in the yard. we love you guys!

we had a little sod party and my brothers, dad, and mom came back to help us get the job done. and our sweet neighbors helped us with our kids.

we overestimated our overestimation with the sod and ended up with a pretty good amount of extras so we were able to sod a portion from the patio to the play yard in the back.

once we finish putting on the rest of the heads and bury all of our pipes we will be SO READY for the snow to fall. we have nothing left in us. hopefully by spring we will be rested enough to plant the rest of the grass. (:

ahh! the joys of home ownership.

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