Monday, August 30, 2010


oh! i just can't even believe that i sent my owen to kindergarten today! it was all very surreal.

he was SO excited, from the minute i woke him up. he already loves his teacher and has a few of is favorite buddies in his class! i think we are in for a pretty good school year.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

kevin did it again!

kevin completed his second sprint triathlon last week. he did the rexburg rush and the course proved to be KILLER compared to the rigby race he did in june.

kevin trained hard and lost another 15 lbs in the process. he really enjoys this and hopes to do two each year.

the sprint triathlon starts with a 1/2 miles swim, then a 20k bike ride, and finishes with a 5k run. kevin said it was the run that did him in this time. the terrain was SO rugged and was a hill climb. the run in rigby tri was flat and gravel.

kevin left for the race at 5:30am so we were going to meet him there at 8. but, we arrived at the race late because my boys had locked my keys, phone, and wallet in the car as i was getting madalyn dressed. so i had to track down a neighbor at 8 am as they were pulling out of their garage and ask to use their phone (since mine was locked in the car) and make a distress call to my dad. my parents saved the day! dad came and unlocked the car and sent me on my way...tears and all. i was such a wreck!

so, we missed the swim entirely, but we were able to see him on his bike ride and then meet him at the finish line. this race location was not my favorite since there was LOTS of people crammed in little spaces and it wasn't easy getting to and from with three little ones. i kind of preferred the rigby race where you stayed in one location but you were able to see it all.

kevin finished in 2:00:35.

we are proud of you kevin! can't wait for the next one! (:

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owen's driving

kevin's work had their annual employee party at the riot zone. this year owen was old enough to ride the "kiddie karts"! i laughed so hard watching him drive this little kart...and he was so cautious and polite while he drove.

i just cannot believe that he is growing up so fast! kindergarten starts on monday!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

andrus family reunion

lisa and katie

we were also able to meet little katie at this reunion. madalyn is jealous of all her dark hair!

who knows when we will be seeing emily again. so, we took a little picture. it's not complete, since patrick and ryan are absent. but, it was do until next time! (;

owen, kevin holding wes, me holding madalyn, emily holding andrew, faye, and ed

not sure why i didn't take more pictures, but i'm only one! (;

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andrus family reunion

i returned from camping on saturday around 4pm. came home. unpacked, showered, packed, and ran out the door by 6:30 for the next reunion. we must be NUTS!

we drove to american fork saturday night and spent the night at emily and brandon's house. it was fun to spend time with them and we enjoyed a VERY relaxing morning at their place on sunday.

then sunday afternoon we drove to salt lake city to meet up with kevin's family. his mom and her siblings were having a little reunion at a park in salt lake. it was fun to see them all again! we were also able to catch up with his cousin emily and her family. i have only met emily and patrick on one occasion and that was when we stayed with them in boston seven years ago. since then we have added five kids to the mix so it was fun to see each other.

kevin holding madalyn and andrew (emily and patrick's youngest)

they became fast friends.

madalyn LOVES wearing her shades.

andrew and his grandpa ed (carolyn's brother)
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more reunion

aunt shauna came all the way from california to be with us. it was so nice to see her!

some tubers!

the crazy boys with their beaded headbands!

yes, i was there! and yes, i did survive camping...with three kids...without my husband! not sure that i will sign up for that again though. thanks for everybody that helped me. especially halle and alyssa! they were great with my little madalyn. taking her for endless stroller rides.

until next year!
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more reunion

THE parachute

one o my memories of morgan's bridge was taking a morning hike and yelling down to camp "good morning" each morning with aunt shauna. so, my dad took my kids on this hike and i NEARLY came unglued seeing my boys next to this cliff. i was SICK!

and of course we had a horseshoe tournament.

the woman who started it ALL! look at my beautiful grandma! 92 years old and she is still a goer. she slept all by herself in the same camper her and grandpa camped in for as long as i can remember. we love her! it was fun to celebrate her this weekend.
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reunion campers

my dad-the reunion organizer

my mom-the other reunion organizer


my boys were in HEAVEN with all this dirt, water, rocks, and STICKS!
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

a camping we will go

first weekend in august marks the annual holley (my grandpa) manwaring family reunion. and this year my parents were in charge. they decided to spend the weekend at morgan's bridge near fort hall, id. my grandma manwaring and her family had a homestead near here and so they spent every summer there. than, as my grandma's family grew they started spending every independence day weekend at morgan's bridge camping with extended family. this continued through the decades until my grandpa passed away in 2000. so, my parents thought it would be really special for us all to do it the good ole days!
kevin couldn't get away from work, and i knew that i would want to be there for it so i hitched a ride with my parents. since they were the organizers they went up a couple days early. this meant three nights of camping without my husband! YIKES!
it certainly proved to be quite an adventure. we got a late start wednesday night. my parents had my little crew and emily and her baby, collin, with them. we were caravan-ing with jarom and his family and justin and his family were meeting us there. it's supposed to be a 1 hr drive with lots of twisty, gravel, dirt roads. but, it took us 3 hrs and after two flat tires and a SEVERAL wrong turns we weren't all reunited at the camp ground until 3am. it was a circus, but after some magic on justin's behalf we were able to all be where we needed to be.

we were in the car a LONG time!

thursday we set-up camp. thanks goodness some of the allen family came early as well. they were so helpful in getting things set-up and helping my dad. my dad brought a HUGE parachute to put up to provide shade. my grandpa use to always do this too so my dad wanted to bring back that tradition. he'd been working the whole week trying to find a way to get this parachute set-up and nothing was working. we thought we had what we needed and when we went to set it up on thursday the pole broke. but, miraculously these guys were able to find a lodge pole, in the middle of NO WHERE, that was exactly the right height. a miracle...thanks to our grandpa. grandpa was looking out for us and knew if we didn't find a way to put this chute up my dad was going to have a break down. (;
we had a couple bad starts getting it up (and madalyn was almost was smashed by the pole when a HUGE gust of wind came through) but by friday we had it tied to perfection. and it served us well with lots of shade and made a great gathering place.
by friday night we had about 100 people in attendance. and my family made everyone apple dumplings in the dutch ovens. then, friday night we sat around the fire together and had grandma manwaring tell us her memories of homesteading out here. it's always great to hear how she lived.
saturday morning my family made breakfast for everyone (pancakes, eggs, hash browns). it was quite an undertaking.
then we spent the rest of our time floating the river, hiking, riding bikes/4-wheelers, doing crafts, resting, eating, visiting, driving out to the old homestead, and relaxing. a little of something for everyone. i think everybody had a good time. it was fun to visit with each other about our memories of coming here every year.
thanks mom and dad for putting together such a great reunion!

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storm of all storms

on july 30th we had an evening storm like i had never seen before. the hail was HUGE, the wind was fierce, and the rain was CRAZY! and the lightening and thunder...terrifying!

anyway, we tried to enjoy watching the storm from the front steps but after awhile i made them all move it inside (i'm terrified of lightening).

after awhile came the calm after the storm and kevin took the kids outside to wade in the pool that was created at the end of our drive way.

what little landscaping we had done was totally flooded and bark was moved EVERYWHERE! hopefully we won't get more storms like that anytime soon.

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