Wednesday, February 25, 2009

our skating rink

with such a large yard you would think that we would build a skating rink in the back. but, no! we like it better out our front door. for all to enjoy!

SO wishing we had rain gutters! the front of our house RARELY sees the sun (because the garage blocks it. and all the snow from the roof melts/drips right on our stairs and entry. SO DANGEROUS!

visitors: consider yourselves warned.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bunk buddies

the search is FINALLY over! we have been looking at bunk beds since november and finally found what we were looking for at target.
i loved these beds because of the color, they look sturdy, affordable, and you can separate them into twin beds that are identical (it seems like with most bunk beds one of the beds looks funny/different when they are separated).

when the beds were delivered owen was going out of his mind with excitement! and as soon as kevin got home from work owen was ready to get started. he grabbed the instructions and said, "dad, i got the map! come on, we've got a job to do!"

the excited bunk buddies

the dang thing took over three hours to construct and the boys were DOG tired by the time we finished.

we are going to decorate their room with a bug theme with blue and green accents. it's hard to decide who is most excited about that...the boys or me! i found this adorable bedding at on sale (the only way i can afford/justify buying from pottery barn).

aren't these bugs so cute?!

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happy birthday brian!

brian, our nephew, turns 4 today!

brian is fun-loving and curious. he loves to play!

happy birthday brian! we love you!
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Monday, February 23, 2009

the great pretender

wesley LOVES to dress-up and pretend. he is constantly putting buckets, bags, and hats on his head (we keep all the plastic bags away...don't worry). and sometimes he gets even more creative with his accessories!

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happy birthday anna!

anna, my niece, turns SEVEN today!

anna is a little firecracker! she is so beautiful!

happy birthday anna! we hope you have a fabulous day celebrating! we love you!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"dad, come tell me about my day!"

owen has created his own little tradition. the last several nights, after we have tucked him into bed, owen will say, "dad, come tell me about my day!". and who could refuse such a cute request?! not kevin! kevin will then lay down next to owen's bed and ask owen questions about his day and then owen will ask kevin to tell him a story (he usually requests a camping story...not sure why).

since kevin started his new job in december he has been working most nights until about 7pm so when he gets home it's practically bedtime for the, he loves this chance to bond with owen and owen goes to sleep adoring his dad even more (if that is even possible)!

i love these boys!
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Monday, February 02, 2009

owen...i mean wesley, the bookworm

houston, we have a problem! so...anytime wesley sees a picture of himself, or anytime we ask wesley what his name is he proudly points to himself and says..."OWEN!". he has been doing this for well over a month. should i be concerned? i was telling my parents about this and they told me when my oldest brother, jarom, was just a toddler he would tell everyone that his name was "katie" (my oldest sister) and he turned out okay. although, it did almost drive my dad out of his mind!

on a lighter note, wesley has become quite the bookworm. he has two books that he keeps on his bed and requests that i read them to him before his nap and before bedtime (love you forever and red or blue, i like you!). then, he looks at the books until he falls asleep (usually with the book covering his face). if he wakes up in the middle of the night he will come into our room holding ALL of his blankets (he sleeps with three) and both of his books and he will usually lie down by me while he looks through the books until he falls back to sleep. so cute!

today he cleared out the section where i keep some of their books and created a little reading nook. i had to grab a picture and blog about it. things i don't want to forget about our little wes.

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