Saturday, July 14, 2012

owen's birthday

yesterday was owen's birthday. he has been so excited for this day to come. kevin said he came into our room twice that morning to see if it was birthday time yet. once at 2 am and then at 5am! it was better than christmas.

all owen asked for this year was a kick ball and some legos. so, we surprised him with his own set of golf clubs. he was so shocked! i think we made a good choice. he carries this bag around with his!

kevin also got him a sketch pad and a book about how to sketch. kevin really enjoyed drawing and art in junior high and high school and will still do some drawings if the boys ask. so, when owen started showing some interest it only made sense to get him started. 

birthday breakfast  

blowing out his birthday candle with iron man

after breakfast the boys took off to the golf course to do a par 3 course. they had a great time! 

after golfing it was mcdonald's for lunch. then we hit the movie theater to watch ice age 3.

once we got back home owen spent his time building his new lego sets, playing his new lego playstation game, and hitting some balls and kicking his new kick ball.  

this kid loves anything lego.

we had pizza for dinner and then did some cake and ice cream later that night.

i was kind of planning on doing a golf cake and i took the kids to zurchers to pick up a couple things the day before and owen saw the angry bird birthday section. he has been playing the space edition all week so it all of a sudden made sense to do an angry bird cake. i asked owen which he liked more and he said "i kind of favor the black one. he blows up!" so...we made the black one. 

owen loved it!

happy birthday to our growing owen!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

owen is SEVEN!

our owen turns SEVEN today!

i can't even believe it. he has turned into such a great boy.

owen loves being in charge. and he takes the job very seriously.
he is very compassionate for a seven year old.
he likes to give compliments to others...and himself. ;)
he notices EVERYTHING!
he is a great helper at home.
he strives to set a good example for others.
and, he makes everything a lot more fun because of his enthusiasm.


we love you owen! happy birthday buddy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

maddy's dance recital

madalyn had her very first dance recital this afternoon.

our neighbor and her friend put on a three week dance class for their high school senior project. they had dance twice a week for 45 minutes and today was their rehearsal and recital.

madalyn struggled going to dance class most days but i think in the end she enjoyed it. if only there were little boys in that class...then i think she would have felt more comfortable. ;)

madalyn looked so stinking cute in her costume.

she was one of the youngest and smallest girls dancing.

enjoy watching the video. i'm sure it will make you smile.


maddy is always starting on the furthest left.

giving a bow 

grandma and aunt alice were able to come and watch. i could tell madalyn was pleased when she spotted grandma in the audience. 

madalyn and her teachers. i think she gave a good smile right after i snapped this one. silly maddy! 
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madalyn's birthday bash

madalyn turned three on the 9th. we had a lot of fun celebrating her day.

we did a cupcake theme this year with her pinkalicious bike.


kevin gave madalyn his rapunzel doll.

birthday breakfast 

madalyn was so excited to get out and try her new bike. and she did pretty well. by the end of the day she had it down. 

then, it was off to the park to SWING and have a picnic. two of maddy's favorite things. laura was here visiting and maddy loved having her aunt around to play with. 

owen cracks us up with his toothless smile and his perfect attendance pin that he wears just about every day. ;) 

wesley spent his time hanging stuffed animals in the tree. 

and...owen spent a good hour looking for a four-leafed clover.

aunt laura was kind enough to help for awhile.

then it was off to see the movie brave. it was really quite cute. we all enjoyed it!

after resting for awhile we headed to mcdonald's for dinner and then said goodbye to aunt laura.

my parents came over later that night for cupcakes and ice cream. it was such a perfect day. 

make a wish!
where on earth did maddy get that cheesy grin? we will never know.

happy birthday dear madalyn! 
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annual ross park party

last saturday we had our annual ross park party. my parents, jarom's family, and justin's family all joined us for some fun.

the weather was PERFECT! probably the nicest weather we've had since we have been going. and, there wasn't very many people there. PERFECT!


owen was LOVING the water. he has become quite brave. he spent most of the time going down the water slide with his cousins or by himself.

wesley enjoyed swimming around in his life jacket. he especially liked the lazy river. 

amelia enjoying some oreos 

ogden, owen, and carter

anna, halle, ellie, kevin, and maddy

ogden, owen, and wesley


sunbathers. halle, ellie, anna, and madalyn

madalyn, anna, and halle

these older cousins are so nice to let madalyn tag along with them. they are so sweet to her. no wonder she calls them sisters. 
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Monday, July 09, 2012

madalyn turns 3!

our maddy-boo turns THREE today! we love her so much. she keeps us smiling and on our toes.

we love you madalyn!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

rexburg splash pad

yesterday the kids and i went to the rexburg splash pad with our friends (the allens).

i had never been to this splash pad so we were excited. the kids ended up having SO MUCH FUN! i love that they play so well together.

gibson, brady, owen, and maddy
(wesley refused to be in this picture) 

after a couple of hours of splashing we decided to take a couple rides on the carousel. this carousel has been there since 1890...i think it said. the kids loved this as well.


brady, madalyn, and wesley 

look at these two sweet faces
madalyn and gibson

we grabbed some cotton candy on our way out and called it a day. a REALLY great day!
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