Saturday, March 17, 2012

annual snowmobile trip

saturday was another day of relaxation. jarom and elena fed us sausage and hot bran muffins. so good! then it was more playing outside.

dad and mom enjoying a walk outside.

kevin pulled the kids behind the snowmobile for a bit.

we had a great view of the grand tetons. the weather really couldn't have been any better. kevin spent a good amount of time out on the deck reading a book, and enjoying the view of the river and mountains.

dad taking a nap

nat fed us every kind of grilled hot dog you could think of for lunch. it hit the spot!

we played lots of games and watched lots of movies. and did quite a bit of sledding.

then the hanson's fed us some zuppa toscana soup for dinner. it was delicious!

sunday we woke up to yummy cinnamon rolls courtesy for amber and then we spent the morning loading up.

we all met back up again at 1pm at my parents church. it was nice to all be back at our home ward together again. and before we all went our separate ways we enjoyed a nice beef stew lunch at my parents house.

it was a great weekend!
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annual snowmobile trip

friday afternoon me and kev were in charge of lunch and fed the crew hot turkey subs. they were perfect after a morning of playing in the snow.

then we did some relaxing inside. there was a lot of coloring going on. madalyn parked right next to aunt emmy and copied every move she made. it was so cute!

madalyn copying emily and collin coloring

i love this picture!

dad played company of heroes on the big screen. it was pretty entertaining to watch!

the boys were very preoccupied and opted not to go on a snowmobile trail ride. so dad took the ladies on a snowmobile ride to warm springs and mesa falls. he split us in two different groups but we got a picture during transition. :).

melissa, katie, alex, natalie, elena, me, amber, emily, and kaylin

dad and me

my group
me, alex, elena, katie, and amber

on our way to warm springs we were playing around in some snow off the trail and i was bringing up the rear and tipped over trying to maneuver through two trees. that is never fun...but even worse when no one is behind you to see that you are stuck. i was alone for about 5 minutes trying to get the machine flipped off it's side and lost my composure for a second...or two! HA! the night before we were talking about wolves and i thought for sure i was wolf meat. but, dad came to my rescue. :) i can laugh about it now.

where warm springs comes out of the mountain. the water comes out at a temperature of 50 degrees.
elena, alex, katie, amber, and me

i rode with katie on the way back. it was nice to just be a passenger and enjoy the scenery.

jarom showing off his gear. ;)

mom and dad relaxing

that night we had homemade pizza for dinner (it was friday night after all...and manwaring's always have pizza on friday night) thanks to ben and kaylin. it was quite an undertaking feeding that many people homemade pizza but they pulled it off! and it was delicious!

after dinner the older cousins put on several activities for the younger cousins to do.
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annual snowmobile trip

we spent a good majority of friday playing outside. the weather was so warm and perfect! we started the morning with biscuit bubble ring and biscuits w/honey and jam along with some fruit thanks to the hollingsworths.

madalyn and collin

madalyn spent just as much, if not more time, outside than either of the boys. she reallys likes to be out playing.

kevin took madalyn for a little spin on the snowmobile. she liked it.

kevin taking owen for a ride. this year kevin let owen try pushing the gas. owen LOVED that!


kevin taking wesley for a ride. kevin also let wesley try pushing the gas. i think they almost fell off! ;)

halle and emily





madalyn making a snow angel

ogden and owen sledding

madalyn and me

melissa, me, and emily

emily was nice enough to take madalyn for a few rides down the hill. madalyn kept saying "again! again!"

emily and madalyn

melissa being attacked by her boys
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annual snowmobile trip

our annual snowmobile trip with my family was last weekend. this year we stayed in ashton, id in one of the only cabins we could find that could hold all 41 of us. the cabin was called stonefly lodge and it was perfect! hopefully we will be returning there next year.

a group of us met in ashton a little early to enjoy a big jud's hamburger. and then it was off to the cabin for three nights of relaxation.

right away we could tell this would be a little different than last year. technology had abounded in this family and kids (and adults) were being entertained by ipad's, smartphone's, kindle's, kindle fire's, and ds's. luckily, there was still plenty of interacting.

melissa and blake fed us a delicious chicken enchilada soup and then we spent the rest of the evening playing and soaking in the hot tub.

carter and wesley

natalie, mom, and katie

board games were a MUST! over the weekend we played our fair share of games. b.s. w/ dice, nine innings, farkle, word blur, spoons, murder murder, etc.

some of the big boys (and dad) brought their computers and played quite a bit of company of heroes.

keagen, megan, anna, kate, ellie, samantha, halle, and alyssa

madalyn, kevin, and wesley

it's always nice to be able to see kevin relaxing...with the kids. ;)

me and emily

blake trying to win over mia with his mountain dew (don't worry...she didn't even get one sip)!


kevin and wesley


amber and justin

little mia

madalyn and izzie in their matching pj's

melissa and alex
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