Sunday, May 05, 2013

happy 6th birthday wesley!!

i can't believe our little wesley bug is SIX today! happy birthday to a sweet, handsome, and fun little guy!

april catch-up

i don't normally like to do a "catch-up" post but, that is where we are at. so, here we go.

owen's failed acrobatics in his bedroom (and with a little push from his brother) we ended up at redi-care getting four stitches.

the nurse left the stitches long so he could look like his dad with a goatee. lol! owen was so brave through it all and didn't even cry ONCE after getting into the doctors office.

our cleanings at the dentist couldn't come soon enough for wesley! lol. he thought it was hilarious when he picked this toy at after his cleaning exam. what a cutie!

we don't buy the pictures the school does of the kids but this year we were VERY tempted. wesley's turned out so adorable. so i snapped a picture to remember.

staci and kyle came and stayed for the weekend. we haven't had them as company for a long time. it was so fun catching up. they brought their dogs (bella and bauer). wesley really enjoyed them. 

kyle also treated us to some of his homemade pizza. it was heaven and we over indulged! thanks for a great visit staci and kyle. 

this year owen is playing pitching machine. he is very excited to try something new. 
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