Monday, October 07, 2013

owen turns 8!!!

the day after maddy's birthday i was off to girl's camp for church. and i made it home the day before owen's big day!

this was an extra special day for owen because it was his birthday AND his baptism. that doesn't happen too often.

we started the day with birthday presents and breakfast.


then it was off to the stake center for his baptism. 

owen and kevin 

owen and kevin in their white clothes 

kevin, me, and owen

after the baptism. 

kevin, me, maddy, wes. and owen

we are SO THANKFUL for the family and friends who came out to support owen on his EXTRA special day. we borrowed my dad's parachute for shade since our yard lacks trees. it did a wonderful job. 
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Anonymous said...

I was cracking up over that picture of the boy sitting in front of the fireplace. It looks like he has big feet in that picture, but let me say they are definitely cutie feet as well :)