Monday, October 07, 2013

odds and ends

wrapping up my four month blogging catch-up. here are just a few odds and ends.

i updated my front porch with barstools i had in my basement. i just had to cut them down and paint them. i love the way it looks. they will be fun for every season.

spent 8 hrs straight cleaning out my garage and organizing. here is a part of it. i should have taken a before picture so you could see what the summer had done to my garage, but that would be TOO embarrassing. 

i found this gem in owen's backpack last week. i guess he doesn't want to wrestle...EVER. lol! 
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maddy's first field trip

this cute little cowgirl had her 1st field trip for preschool and loved every second!

they went to mountain river ranch and met a REAL cowboy, took a ride on a horse drawn wagon, and had a picnic.

isn't she the cutest! 

maddy and her best buddy, gibson. 

glad we could share it with some friends. 
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rootbeer and football

kevin LOVES fall. he says it's like christmas in september because of the awesome weather, FOOTBALL, and pumpkin spice candles. isn't he is funny! i love that he enjoys the seasons so much.

a couple weeks ago we had a rootbeer taste test and enjoyed some chicago bears football. it was a perfect combination.

and the winners:
#1 a&w
#2 jackson hole

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back to school 2013

september means back to school. the kids were so excited to start.

owen is now in 3rd grade
wesley is now in 1st grade

maddy started preschool the day after the boys. she loves going, especially since her buddy, gibson, is in her class.
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tent camping

in august we snuck in another camping trip with the allen family. we went to the same camp site as earlier in the summer on this time we were in TENTS!!!!!!  and i actually survived two nights in a tent. i didn't even make any mad dashes to the car in the middle of the night. i'm proud of myself.

we spent a day in yellowstone checking out the shops and the bear and wolf discovery center. it was well worth the money. at one point they had five bears out feeding. pretty cool.


the next day we spent in island park floating down the river in a canoe. it was a great time! and the kids loved playing in the water/dirt/mud. 

maddy posing in her dirty glory. 

wes catching bugs 

me sleeping like a ROCK. still as can be and as scentless as possible! ;) 
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3rd annual ward family reunion cont.

more pictures from the reunion.

also, while we were there lisa was kind enough to take family pictures. they turned out great.
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3rd annual ward family reunion

the end of july we had our 3rd annual ward family reunion. sam and lisa were in charge and planned a great weekend in heber city, utah.

unfortunately, our weekend didn't start out so great! maddy went through three outfits on the drive down. she a had a 12 hr flu hit her as soon as we got on the interstate.

poor maddy!

but, the show must go on. we had a fun ride on the heber creeper train. 

we had fun activities planned. life-size jenga, golfing, fishing, hot tub soaking, card games, boating, and crafts.  


we had a great time! 
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